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Hari Mix

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Hari Mix
  • 2013 (Expected) | Ph.D., Environmental Earth System Science, Stanford University 
  • 2008 | B.S., Geological and Environmental Sciences, Stanford University
Professional Experience: 
  • 2008 | Intern, The Climate Conservancy, Palo Alto, CA
  • 2007 | Research Assistant, Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry Laboratory, Stanford, CA
  • 2004 – 2005 | Technician, Froehling and Robertson, Crozet, VA
University Service: 
  • 2010 - Present | Teaching Assistant, EESS 57Q, Climate Change from the Past to the Future
  • 2009 | Teaching Assistant, OSPGEN 42, How to Build a Habitable Planet: An Example from the European Alps
  • 2009 – Present | Teaching Assistant, EESS 12SC, Environmental and Geological Field Studies in the Rocky Mountains
  • 2008 | Teaching Assistant, GES 1, Dynamic Earth:  Fundamentals of Earth Science
  • Mix, Hari T., Mulch, Andreas, Kent-Corson, Malinda L., Chamberlain, C. Page (2011).  Cenozoic migration of topography in the North American Cordillera.  Geology 39: 87-90 
  • Davis, S.J., Mix, H.T., Wiegand, B.A., Carroll, A.R. and Chamberlain, C.P. (2009) Synorogenic evolution of large-scale drainage patterns: Isotope paleohydrology of sequential Laramide basins.  American Journal of Science 
Research Activities: 

I study tectonics and climate using stable isotope biogeochemistry. Some of my projects include: 1. Examining the topographic history of the North American Cordillera using stable isotope paleoaltimetry; 2. Studying changes in the hydrologic cycle during hot, high-CO2 times in Cenozoic western North America. 3. Determining the effects of grasslands and other vegetation on climate through modeling and stable isotope paleoclimatology.

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Terrestrial stable isotope paleoclimatology, biosphere-atmosphere interactions

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Braun Hall (GeoCorner) 307E
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Mitchell Bldg  A01
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