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Important Information Regarding COVID-19

In light of the University’s newly released policy regarding COVID-19 -- recommending the community minimize social contact -- we encourage students to utilize virtual options when seeking support or information from the Earth Systems Program. Please contact staff via email or phone and we will be happy to assist! Latest information about the University's response to COVID-19 can be found here:


Name Title Contact
Pascale Baya Ardyna Physical Science Rsch Prof 1, Department of Earth System Science Department of Earth System Science
(650) 724-1167
Peter Blisniuk Research and Development Scientist and Engineer, Department of Geological Sciences Mitchell Earth Sciences Building
(650) 721-1992
Arnout Mans Pieter Boelens Physical Science Research Scientist
Naomi Boness Managing Director, Stanford Natural Gas Initiative 397 Panama Mall
(650) 736-2132
Francesca Boso Sr Res Scientist-Physical
Dale Burns Physical Sci Res Scientist
Nicola Castelletto Phys Sci Res Assoc, Energy Resources Engineering
Camilla Cattania Physical Science Research Scientist
Robert Clapp Technical Director, CEES
Anthony Clark Lab Manager, SRPL, Department of Geophysics - Geophysics Mitchell Bldg 401
(650) 725-0346
Sibyl Diver Social Science Research Scholar
Colin Finnegan Environmental Science Research Professional, Department of Earth System Science
Charlotte Beatrice Marguerite Garing Affiliate, Benson Program Green Earth Sciences 069
Ashley Hazel Physical Science Research Scientist
Mr Peter Kristian Jewett Science And Engineering Associate, Department of Earth System Science
Christine Jilly-Rehak Physical Science Research Scientist
Mohammad Karimi-Fard Sr Res Scientist-Physical Green Earth Sci, room 23
(650) 725-2728
Tae Wook Kim Sr Res Scientist-Physical 367 Panama St.

Alternate Contact
Tae Wook Kim
Arjun Kohli Research Scientist, Department of Geophysics Mitchell Earth Sciences B57
Svyatoslav Korneev
Juan Lezama Pacheco Physical Sciences Research Associate, Earth System Sciences Green Earth Sciences Building rm 302
Guangchao Li EMF Technical Director 367 Panama st RM 329
(650) 724-3220
Kewen Li Sr Research Engineer Dept. of ERE, Room 077A
Evan Lyons Lecturer Spatial Analysis Center
Mohammad S. Masnadi Physical Science Research Scientist
Matthew Mills Basic Life Science Research Associate, Earth System Science
Seyed Mostafa Mousavi Physical Science Research Scientist 397 PANAMA MALL
(650) 723-0773
David Mucciarone Lecturer 473 Via Ortega
(650) 723-0817
Derek Ouyang Lecturer
Huanquan Pan Affiliate, Department of Energy Resources Engineering - SUPRI-B
Zhipeng Qin Physical Science Research Scientist
Cynthia M. Ross Energy Resources Engineering Green Earth Sciences Bldg Rm 353
(650) 725-0944
Simonetta Rubol Staff, Battiato Program
Sarah Dawn Saltzer Managing Director of SCCS, Department of Energy Resources Engineering - Energy Resources Engineering
Luiz Sampaio Senior Physical Science Research Associate 367 Panama St, office 077A
(510) 309-7639, (650) 725-2630
Kazuki Sawayama Affiliate, Geothermal Program
Celine Scheidt Sr Res Engineer Energy Resources Eng. Dpt
Allegra Hosford Scheirer Physical Scientist Research Scientist Mitchell B77
(650) 575-9584
Suihong Song Graduate Visiting Researcher Student, Energy Resources Engineering Graduate Visiting Researcher
Cyprien Soulaine Affiliate, SUPRI-B
Pavel Tomin Sr Research Engineer, Department of Energy Resources Engineering
Mr Antonio A Trias University Staff Department of Geophysics - Geophysics Lab Technician
Douglas Turner Environmental Measurements Facility co-manager/technician Green 329
Gerrit van Dijken Science & Engineering Assoc, Department of Earth System Science Geophysics, Mitchell Building
(650) 736-1231
Bolivia Vega Engineering Research Associate - ERE Green Earth Sciences Building
Oleg Volkov Sr Res Scientist-Physical 367 Panama St. room 337
(650) 725-0959
Karrie Weaver Research and Development Scientist and Engineer 2, Department of Earth System Science (650) 725-9146
Jeremy Hu-Chin Wei University Staff Environmental Earth System Science Geobiology Lab Manager
Gordon Williams Temp - Non-Exempt, Department of Geophysics - Geophysics
Shaochuan Xu Lecturer