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Name Title Current Research Contact
Neil Tangri Students - Graduate
Nisha Sant Taparia Joint MS-MBA student
Paul Michael Tarantino Students - Graduate
Lauren Tarpey Joint MS-JD student
Elif Fikret Tasar Students - Undergraduate
Hamdi Tchelepi Professor of Energy Resources Engineering Energy Resources Engineering
(650) 723-9476
Holger Teichgraeber Masters Student in Energy Resources Engineering
Kirill Terekhov Postdoctoral Research fellow, Energy Resources Engineering
Adam Teichert Tew Ph.D. Student in Geophysics
Kristin Tewksbury Student Services Manager, School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences - Earth Systems Program Earth Systems Program
(650) 725-7427
Ker Than Science Writer & Associate Director of Communications, School of Earth Sciences 397 Panama Mall
(650) 723-9820
Marco Thiele Consulting Associate Professor, Energy Resources Engineering Green Earth Science Bldg - Rm 088
Amanda Thomas Postdoctoral Research fellow, Geophysics
Dana Thomas PhD Candidate

As a geochemist interested in the linkages between the carbon cycle and tectonic processes, I research CO2-rich geothermal areas in Iceland to investigate the metasomatic processes that may modify CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

Green Earth Sciences 225
Leif Thomas Associate Professor of Earth System Science

Physical oceanography; theory and numerical modeling of the ocean circulation; dynamics of ocean fronts and vortices; upper ocean processes; air-sea interaction.

473 Via Ortega Y2E2 Bldg
(650) 721-1140
Matt Anthony Thomas University Student Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences Graduate
Nancy Thomas Lecturer, Earth Systems Program
Astrid Thompson Director for Alumni Relations & Annual Giving Dean's Office, Mitchell Building 101
(650) 723-2101
Barton Thompson Robert E. Paradise Professor in Natural Resources Law and Perry L. McCarty Director of the Woods Institute

A leading expert in environmental and natural resources law and policy, Barton H. “Buzz” Thompson, Jr. has contributed a large body of scholarship on environmental issues ranging from the future of endangered species and fisheries to the use of economic techniques for regulating the environment.

(650) 723-2518
George Thompson Otto N. Miller Professor of Earth Sciences and Dean of the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences, Emeritus Basin and Range Tectonics, Reflection Seismology, Gravity MITCHELL BLDG 325
(650) 723-3714
William Thompson-Butler Ph.D. Student in Geological and Environmental Sciences
Tannis Thorlakson Ph.D. Student in Environment and Resources

Tannis is interested in farmer-firm interactions and the role of supply chain sourcing strategies on socio-economic and environmental outcomes in agriculture.
Nancy Thurlow Student Services Manager, Department of Geophysics - Geophysics (650) 724-3293
Chuan Tian Ph.D. Student in Energy Resources Engineering
Bradley Tolar Postdoctoral Research fellow, Earth System Science
Ping Tong Postdoctoral Research fellow, Geophysics
Yao Tong Ph.D. Student in Energy Resources Engineering

Yao is working on an interdisciplinary project under Stanford Center for Reservoir Forecasting (SCRF) and Stanford Basin and Petroleum System Modeling Group (BPSM). Her research investigated advanced uncertainty quantification and geostatistical tools to improve basin and petroleum system models and enhance the hydrocarbon characterizations in different scales.

Danielle Touma Ph.D. Student in Environmental Earth System Science

Impacts of climate change on global drought and precipitation

Y2E2 337
Meredith Townsend Ph.D. Student in Geological and Environmental Sciences
Miles Traer Multimedia Producer, School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences - Administration/Finance (650) 497-9541
Pavarit Trakulhoon Masters Student in Energy Resources Engineering
Rebecca Z Tran Administrative Associate, Department of Earth System Science (650) 724-1311
Sumeet Trehan Ph.D. Student in Energy Resources Engineering
Mr Antonio A Trias University Staff Department of Geophysics - Geophysics Lab Technician
Cody Trigg Ph.D. Student in Geological and Environmental Sciences
Vinay Tripathi M.S. Student, Department of Energy Resources Engineering
Sarah Truebe Director of Community-Engaged Learning, Environmental Sustainability & Lecturer, Earth Systems Program Sweet Hall 126C
Michael Te-Cheng Tsiang University Student Department of Environmental Earth System Science Graduate
Shripad Tuljapurkar The Dean and Virginia Morrison Professor of Population Studies

Stochastic dynamics of human and natural populations; prehistoric societies; probability forecasts including sex ratios, mortality, aging and fiscal balance; life history evolution.

Herrin Labs 454
(650) 723-6311, (650) 724-4171
Douglas Turner University Staff Environmental Earth System Science Science & Engineering Assoc
Katlyn Marie Turner University Student Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences Graduate