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Name Title Current Research Contact
Avinoam Rabinovich Postdoctoral Research fellow, Energy Resources Engineering
Dariush Rafinejad Consulting Associate Professor, Management Science and Engineering

I teach sustainable product design in the Product Realization Network. I have many years of experience as a senior executive in Silicon Valley high-tech industries, serving Corporate Vice President at both Applied Materials and LAM Research, both semiconductor process equipment manufacturers. I am currently president and founder of Blue Dome Consulting.

Huang Engineering Center
(650) 269-9944
Neil Kamal Raina Joint MS-JD student
Ram Rajagopal Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Professor Rajogopal works on renewable energy, the smart grid, algorithms for load forecasting, dynamic response, and energy policy.

(650) 725-4268
Bala Rajaratnam Assistant Professor of Statistics and of Earth System Science
Wasiu Raji Postdoctoral Research fellow, Geophysics
Deepthi Rajsekhar Postdoctoral Research fellow, Earth System Science
Adrian Conrad Rami Joint MS-MBA student
Jose Eduardo Ramirez Lopez Miro Masters Student in Energy Resources Engineering

I am interested in applying the new developed techniques for Temperature Transient and Pressure Transient Analysis, to determine key flow parameters such as permeability, in a Naturally Fractured Reservoir. The main advantage of using the Temperature response, is it's characteristic of being an advection-diffusion problem, so the Temperature response carries more information than the Pressure response.
Hayagreeva Rao University Faculty Graduate School of Business - Faculty Professor

Professor Rao studies collective action within organizations and in markets. His research and by implication, His teaching devolves around scaling up mobilization, innovation, and talent in organizations.
Fatemeh Sadat Rassouli Ph.D. Student in Geophysics
Mary Marguerite Reagan University Student Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences Graduate
Stefan J Reichelstein William R. Timken Professor in the Graduate School of Business

He is known internationally for his research on the interface of management accounting and economics. Much of his work has addressed issues in cost- and profitability analysis, decentralization, internal pricing and performance measurement.

Littlefield 255
(650) 736-1129
Dan Reineman Ph.D. Student in Environment and Resources

Dan's dissertation examines the relationships between coastal users, access, and resource management on California’s diverse coastline.

Linta Reji Ph.D. student, Environmental Earth System Science
Anne Rempel Masters Student in Earth Systems
Anjana Richards Joint MS Program Manager

Manages the Joint MS program and leads the Capstone seminar.

473 Via Ortega
(650) 721-1673
Andrea (Annie) Ritch Ph.D. Student in Environmental Earth System Science
Dylan Ray Rittman Graduate Student, Department of Geological & Environmental Sciences Green 359
Thomas Robinson The Irving Schulman, M.D. Endowed Professor in Child Health and Professor of Medicine (Stanford Prevention Research Center)

Dr. Robinson focuses on "solution-oriented" research, developing and evaluating effective health promotion and disease prevention interventions for children and adolescents. His research is mostly experimental, conducting school-, family- and community-based randomized controlled trials to test theory-driven behavioral, social and environmental interventions to prevent obesity, improve nutrition, increase physical activity, reduce smoking, and study the effects of children's television use.

Solutions Science Lab
(650) 723-5331
Sophie Roman Postdoctoral Research fellow, Energy Resources Engineering

My current research focused on the experimental study of transient, unstable immiscible flow in micromodels.
Joshua Ronen Consulting Professor, Geophysics
Terry L. Root Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment and Professor, by courtesy, of Biology Impacts of climate change on wild plants and animals including extinction Woods Inst for the Environment
(650) 736-1296
Valerie Breanne Rosen Ph.D. Student in Geological and Environmental Sciences

Nickel Isotopes as a Biosignature for Methanogenic Archaea
Minik T Rosing Faculty - Affiliated
Cynthia M. Ross Research Staff
Matthew Rothe Lecturer, Earth Systems Program
Joan Roughgarden Professor of Biology and of Geophysics, Emerita 5241 Wili Rd
Matthieu Rousset Ph.D. Student in Energy Resources Engineering
Ankur Roy Postdoctoral Research fellow, Energy Resources Engineering

I am primarily interested in the modeling and analysis of multi-dimensional and multi-scale fracture data using various techniques that range from deterministic Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) models to Fractals and Multi-point geostatistics (MPS). Currently, my research revolves around evaluating uncertainty in fractured reservoirs. I am funded through SCRF and work on a BP-sponsored project that involves building a benchmark synthetic fractured reservoir data set.

Green 123
(650) 725-0801
Abi Virginia Ruksznis University Student Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences Graduate
Erik Rupp Physical Science Research Assistant, Department of Energy Resources Engineering - Energy Resources Engineering (650) 723-0181
Eiko Rutherford Administrative Associate, Department of Energy Resources Engineering - Energy Resources Engineering Green Earth Sciences Rm. 65
(650) 723-6849