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Name Title Current Research Contact
Julie Cherrie Padowski Postdoctoral Research fellow, Environmental Earth System Science
Stephen Palumbi Jane and Marshall Steel Jr. Professor in Marine Sciences, Director of the Hopkins Marine Station and Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment

We're interested in ecological, evolutionary, and conservation questions related to marine (and sometimes terrestrial) organisms and ecosystems. We use evolutionary genetics and molecular ecology techniques, and our fieldwork takes us all around the world. Currently, we're studying coral diversity, the adaptive potential of corals in response to climate change, the movement of organisms between marine reserves, genetic changes in abalone in response to environmental.

Dept. Biological Sciences
(831) 655-6210, (831) 655-6214
Huanquan Pan Sr Res Scientist-Physical, Department of Energy Resources Engineering - Energy Resources Engineering 049 Green Earth Sciences Bldg
(650) 725-9482
Kiran Pande Consulting Professor, Energy Resources Engineering
Jihoon Park Ph.D. Student in Energy Resources Engineering
Sulgiye Park University Student Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences Graduate
George Parks Donald and Donald M. Steel Professor in the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences, Emeritus
Jonathan Payne Associate Professor of Geological Sciences and, by courtesy, of Biology

My goal in research is to understand the interaction between environmental change and biological evolution using fossils and the sedimentary rock record. How does environmental change influence evolutionary and ecological processes? And conversely, how do evolutionary and ecological changes affect the physical environment? I work primarily on the marine fossil record over the past 550 million years.

450 Serra Mall
(650) 721-6723
Alexey Pazukha Joint MS-MBA student
Matthew Pellow Postdoctoral Research fellow, Energy Resources Engineering Energy systems analysis to identify technology options for low-carbon fuels. Global Climate and Energy Project
(650) 725-8579
Sarah Elizabeth Penney Joint MS-MBA student
Jason Perkins Joint MS-JD student
Brian David Peters University Student Department of Environmental Earth System Science Graduate
Kenneth Peters Consulting Associate Professor, Geological Sciences (415) 419-6743, (415) 383-3744
Nancy Peterson Temp - Non-Exempt, School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences - Administration/Finance Mitchell Building 101
(650) 498-2520
Ryan Petterson Field Program Coordinator, School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences - Administration/Finance 397 Panama Mall
(650) 721-4024
Karrah Nicole Phillips Students - Graduate
Kathleen Phillips Lecturer, Earth Systems Program Yang and Yamazaki Environment and Energy Building
(650) 725-3028
Indira Phukan Education PhD/Environment & Resources MS student
Erica Plambeck Walter Kenneth Kilpatrick Professor in the Graduate School of Business and Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment

Erica Plambeck is an expert in manufacturing operations and supply chain management, and her current research focuses on environmental sustainability.

Knight Management Center
Hunter Easton Ploch Students - Undergraduate
David Pollard The Barney and Estelle Morris Professor of Earth Sciences and Professor, by courtesy, of Geophysics and of Civil and Environmental Engineering Mitchell 315
(650) 723-4679
Walter W. Powell Professor of Education and, by courtesy, of Management Science & Engineering, of Communication, of Sociology and of Organizational Behavior at the Graduate School of Business

Powell works in the areas of organization theory, economic sociology, and the sociology of science. He is interested in the processes through which knowledge is transferred across organizations, and the role of networks in facilitating or hindering innovation, and institutions in codifying ideas. His current work focuses on the emergence of novel organizational forms. 

(650) 725-7391
Anshuman Pradhan Ph.D. Student in Energy Resources Engineering
Peter Psarras Postdoctoral Research fellow, Energy Resources Engineering