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Name Title Current Research Contact
Anne S Macfarlane Faculty - Affiliated
William Greer Mackebee Joint MS-JD student
Stuart A. Macmillan Faculty - Affiliated
Rachael Madison Student Svcs Specialist, Department of Energy Resources Engineering - Energy Resources Engineering 650-498-9339
Leslie Magoon Consulting Professor, Geological Sciences
Musa, PhD Maharramov Students - Graduate
Katharine (Kate) Maher Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences Reactive transport modeling and environmental and/or isotope geochemistry (650) 725-0927
Gail Mahood Professor of Geological Sciences

Igneous petrogenesis and magmatic evolution of silicic magmas and physical evolution of related volcanic centers and subjacent plutons, volcanic hazards in eastern California and western Saudi Arabia, geochronology, extension-related magmatism, geoarchaeology

(650) 723-1429
Christine Maier Postdoctoral Research fellow, Energy Resources Engineering
Aloysius Inocentes Makalinao University Student Department of Energy Resources Engineering Undergraduate
Matt Alan Malkowski Ph.D. Student in Geological and Environmental Sciences
Abdulrahman Mohammad Manea Ph.D. Student in Energy Resources Engineering (650) 556-4661
Justin S Mankin Ph.D. Student in Environment and Resources

Justin studies how climate change and climate variability affect people.
Timothy Spencer Manley Masters Student in Energy Resources Engineering
Wendy Mao Associate Professor of Geological Sciences and of Photon Science and, by courtesy, of Geophysics

Understanding the formation and evolution of planetary interiors; experimental mineral physics; materials in extreme environments.

Green Earth Sciences Building
(650) 723-3718
Mark Marley Consulting Professor, Geological Sciences (650) 604-0805
Taylor Sparks Martin University Student Department of Environmental Earth System Science Graduate
Janet Martinez University Academic staff Law Teaching Sr Lecturer

Janet Martinez focuses her research and consulting on the lawyer’s role in negotiation, domestically and internationally; conflict resolution system design; facilitation of public disputes, particularly in the fields of international trade and the environment; negotiation and consensus-building training; and negotiation curriculum development for clients in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

Gould Center
(650) 723-4457
Robin Maslin Department Manager, Department of Earth System Science (650) 725-2257
Jennifer Mason Assistant Director

Manages the PhD admissions process, PhD financial aid, and PhD and Joint MS student degree progress.

Y2E2 Building, Suite 226
(650) 723-6117
Gilbert M Masters Professor (Teaching) of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Emeritus

Gil Masters works on energy efficiency and renewable energy systems as keys to slowing global warming, enhancing energy security, and improving conditions in underserved, rural communities. Although officially retired in 2002, he continues to teach CEE 176A: Energy-Efficient Buildings, and CEE 176B: Electric Power: Renewables and Efficiency.

(650) 725-1049
Michael Mastrandrea Stanford Woods Institute Consulting Assistant Professor

My research centers on scientific questions with political and societal implications and their accurate and effective translation for the general public and policy makers in particular. Specifically, my research focuses on climate vulnerability and impacts assessment as a tool for risk management of climate change. I also explore the implications of climate policy choices given the uncertainty inherent in future projections of climate change and climate impacts.

Yang and Yamazaki Environment & Energy Bldg, MC 4205
(650) 224-2070
Stephanie James Administrative Associate, Department of Geological Sciences 450 Serra Mall
(650) 723-1456
Pamela A Matson Chester Naramore Dean of the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences, Richard and Rhoda Goldman Professor in Environmental Studies and Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute

Her research addresses a range of environment and sustainability issues, including sustainability of agricultural systems; vulnerability of particular people and places to climate change; and global change in the nitrogen and carbon cycles. With multi-disciplinary teams of researchers, managers, and decision makers, she has worked to develop agricultural approaches that reduce environmental impacts while improving livelihoods and human wellbeing. 

Mitchell 101
(650) 723-2750
Casey Maue Ph.D. Student in Environment and Resources
Jeremy Maurer Ph.D. Student in Geophysics
Gerald Mavko Professor (Research) of Geophysics MITCHELL 313
(650) 723-9438
Andreas Mavrommatis Ph.D. Student in Geophysics
Douglas John McAdam Ray Lyman Wilbur Professor

Collective Action/Social Movements, Comparative and Historical Sociology, Political Sociology, Qualitative Methods, Race and Ethnicity

Bldg. 120 Room 138
(650) 723-9401
Kevin Matthew McCabe Masters Student in Energy Resources Engineering Mitchell B51
Ryan Jeffrey McCarty Ph.D. Student in Geological and Environmental Sciences
Cynthia Natalie McClain PhD Candidate Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences

McClain investigates the distribution and coupled cycling of heavy metals (such as chromium) and nutrients (such as nitrogen) in groundwater and soils. These investigations explore how humans are changing elemental cycling on Earth by comparing pristine regions to areas influenced by agriculture, mining or development. Her research quantifies chemical transformations and physical flow of water, working toward a molecular-level understanding of field-scale environmental processes. McClain conducts field, laboratory and modeling studies using imaging, isotopic, x-ray, microbiological, statistical and data visualization techniques. She is currently researching groundwater quality in California’s Central Valley.
Kevin Lynn McCormack University Student Department of Geophysics Graduate
Patrick McCullough Masters Student in Energy Resources Engineering
Sarah McCurdy Masters Student in Earth Systems
Daniel Anthony McFarland Professor of Education and, by courtesy, of Sociology and of Organizational Behavior at the Graduate School of Business

My current areas of research concern social network analysis, organizations, sociology of knowledge/science, computational social science, microsociology, learning analytics, social ecology, and the sociology of education. 

School of Education
(650) 723-2109
Michael D McGehee Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Senior Fellow, by courtesy, at the Precourt Institute for Energy

McGehee's research group studies organic semiconductors, nanostructured materials and solar cells.

476 Lomita Mall
Tim McHargue Consulting Professor, Geological Sciences

The architecture of turbidite depositional systems and implications for petroleum reservoir performance through the study of 3D reflection seismic volumes, outcrops, and modern deep marine systems. Research includes rules based forward modeling, controls on architectural variation, and clastic sequence stratigraphy.
Scott Robert McLaughlin Masters Student in Energy Resources Engineering Multiphase flow in enhanced oil recovery, CO2 exsolution, Numerical simulation
Devin McMahon Ph.D. Student in Environmental Earth System Science Land-use change, climate change, soils and vegetation
Kelly Marie McManus Students - Graduate
Michael O McWilliams Professor of Geological and Environmental Sciences, Emeritus

Tectonics, geochronology, thermochronology. Director, Stanford-USGS Ion Microprobe Laboratory
Lauren Ann Megaw University Student Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences Undergraduate
Yashar Mehmani Postdoctoral Research fellow, Energy Resources Engineering (512) 293-2840
Kristian Meisling Consulting Professor, Geological Sciences (832) 444-1576
Rob Meister Joint MS-MBA student
Julio Hoffimann Mendes Ph.D. Student in Energy Resources Engineering

- Fusion of reservoir simulation and history matching
- Development of high-performance geostatistical algorithms
Laura Meredith Postdoctoral Research fellow, Earth System Science (650) 724-8957
Lynn Meskell Professor of Anthropology

Lynn's current research and teaching interests include a broad range of fields, including ethnography in South Africa, Egyptian archaeology, identity and sociopolitics, gender and feminism, and heritage ethics. Lynn views contemporary archaeology as an anthropology of the past, a contextual and nuanced engagement with ancient culture that mirrors the ethnographic project.

Dept. of Anthropology
(650) 724-1751
Dennis Michael Manager CEES HPTC, Department of Geophysics - Geophysics Dept. of Geophysics
(650) 723-2014
Anna Marta Michalak Environmental Earth System Science Associate Professor (by Courtesy)

Our research interests focus on characterizing complexity and quantifying uncertainty in environmental systems with the goal of improving our understanding of these systems and our ability to forecast their variability.
Fiorenza Micheli University Faculty Hopkins Marine Station Professor

Her research interests include species interactions and species-habitat relationships in marine communities, the direct and indirect effects of natural and anthropogenic disturbances in the coastal marine environment, and the applications of community ecology to the conservation and restoration of marine ecosystems.

Hopkins Marine Station
(831) 655-6251
Margaret Milia Sponsored Proj Administrator, Department of Geophysics - Geophysics Department of Geophysics
(650) 723-4890
Andrew Preston Miller University Student Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate
Dale T. Miller University Faculty Graduate School of Business - Faculty Professor

His research interests include the impact of social norms on behavior, the role that justice considerations play in individual and organizational decisions, and the conditions under which individuals and organizations abandon one course of action to pursue another.

Knight Management Building
(650) 723-8368
Elizabeth Miller Professor of Geological Sciences

Structural geology and tectonics. Evolution and deformation of continental crust and its sedimentary cover, plate tectonics and continental deformation, geochronology and thermochronology. Current interests in the Cordillera, northern circum-Pacific, Russia and Arctic regions.

Bldg. 320, Rm. 205
(650) 723-0847, (650) 723-1149
Norman G Miller Associate Professor of Medicine (PCOR), Senior Fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute and at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research and Associate Professor, by courtesy, of Economics and of Health Research and Policy

As a health and development economist based at the Stanford Medical School, my overarching focus is research and teaching aimed at developing more effective health improvement strategies for developing countries.
Laurel Elizabeth Mills Joint MS-JD student
Matthew Mills Basic Life Science Research Associate, Earth System Science (650) 736-0688
Eryn Mills Senior Event Planner, School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences - Development/External Relations Dean's Office
(650) 723-9778
Chven Mitchell Masters Student in Geophysics 417a
Sumit Mitra Masters Student in Energy Resources Engineering
J. Michael Moldowan Professor (Research) of Geological and Environmental Sciences, Emeritus

Organic geochemistry; study of molecular fossils (biomarkers) and their use in petroleum system analysis, reservoir characterization, environmental monitoring, molecular paleontology, global change. Studies of biodegradation and thermal cracking of petroleum by deep burial or catalytic alteration in deep-seated reservoirs.

(650) 723-0847
Stephen G Monismith Obayashi Professor in the School of Engineering and Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment

Hydrodynamics of lakes, estuaries, coral reefs, kelp forests and the coastal ocean

Room 313b
(650) 723-3921
Ian James Montgomery Students - Undergraduate
Harold A Mooney Paul S. and Billie Achilles Professor in Environmental Biology, Emeritus

Harold Mooney has demonstrated that convergent evolution takes place in the properties of different ecosystems that are subject to comparable climates, and has pioneered in the study of the allocation of resources in plants.

Frances Moore Ph.D. Student in Environment and Resources

Fran's research focuses on projecting the rate and effectiveness of autonomous adaptation by farmers in order to understand the impact of climate change on future agricultural production and food security.

Y2E2 226
Felicia Morales Director of Facilities and Health & Safety, School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences - Administration/Finance Mitchell 134
Tara Moran Social Science Science Research Associate, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment (650) 721-2421, (650) 724-4178
Dylan Michael Moriarty Students - Graduate
David Mucciarone University Staff Environmental Earth System Science Lab Manager 473 Via Ortega
(650) 723-0817
E. Marie Muehe Postdoctoral Research fellow, Earth System Science
Tapan Mukerji Associate Professor (Research) of Energy Resources Engineering and of Geophysics

My students and I use theoretical, computational, and statistical models, to discover and understand fundamental relations between geophysical data and subsurface properties, to quantify uncertainty in our geomodels, and to address value of information for decision making under uncertainty.

(650) 721-1263
Siegrid Munda Sponsored Proj Administrator, Department of Earth System Science