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Name Title Current Research Contact
Pablo Garcia Del Real Ph.D. Student in Geological and Environmental Sciences
Charlotte Garing Postdoctoral Research fellow, Energy Resources Engineer Green Earth Sciences 069
Timur Garipov Phys Sci Res Assoc, Energy Resources Engineering
William Gearty Ph.D. Student in Geological and Environmental Sciences

My overall goal is to improve our understanding of the effect of major evolutionary environmental transitions on the sizes of organisms. Using phylogenetic comparative methods, I analyze various animal groups that inhabit an array of different habitats (such as marine, freshwater, and terrestrial environments) for significant differences in body size between group members that inhabit those different habitats. Such groups may include gastropods, mammals, reptiles, etc.
Yves Gensterblum Postdoctoral Research fellow, Geophysics Petrophysical and geophysical aspect of unconventional natural gas reservoirs. (650) 724-2974
Margot Gerritsen Associate Professor of Energy Resources Engineering, Director of the Institute for Computational & Mathematical Engineering, with courtesy appointment in Mechanical Engineering and Civil and Environmental Engineering

I specialize in renewable and fossil energy production. I am also active in coastal ocean dynamics and yacht design, as well as several areas in computational mathematics including search algorithm design and matrix computations.

GESB 088, M10 Huang
(650) 725-3542, (650) 725-2727
Mehrdad Gharib Shirangi Ph.D. Student in Energy Resources Engineering GESB 125
Lauren Rose Gimmillaro University Student School of Earth Sciences - Earth Systems Program Undergraduate
Michael Glassman Joint MS-MBA student
Guenther Glatz Ph.D. Student in Energy Resources Engineering
Jonathan M.G. Glen Faculty - Affiliated
Alison Gocke Joint MS-JD student
Meredith Goebel Ph.D. Student in Geophysics
Jared Gooley Ph.D. Student in Geological and Environmental Sciences
David S Gordon University Staff School of Earth Sciences - Administration/Finance Casual - Non-Exempt School of Earth Sciences
(650) 723-9777
Deborah M Gordon Professor of Biology

Professor Deborah M Gordon studies the evolutionary ecology of collective behavior. Ant colonies operate without central control, using local interactions to regulate colony behavior.

(650) 725-6364
Steven Gorelick Cyrus Fisher Tolman Professor in the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences and Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment

As a hydrogeologist, my research involves the study of water resources with emphasis on groundwater. Using lab and field data, our aim is to develop an understanding of fundamental aspects of the transport of fluids and contaminants, and to investigate regional water resources systems

Bldg. 320, Rm. 210
(650) 725-2950
Cynthia Gori Director for Stewardship Mitchell Bldg 101
(650) 725-4395
Eric Gottlieb Ph.D. Student in Geological and Environmental Sciences
Stephan Graham Welton Joseph and Maud L'Anphere Crook Professor and Professor, by courtesy, of Geophysics and of Energy Resource Engineering

Sedimentary basin analysis; petroleum geology

Building 320
(650) 723-0507, (650) 723-0847
Mark Granovetter The Joan Butler Ford Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences

Mark Granovetter's main interest is in the way people, social networks and social institutions interact and shape one another.

Bldg. 120 Room 128
(650) 723-4664
Marguerite Graveleau Masters Student in Energy Resources Engineering
Victoria Lynn Greenen Students - Undergraduate
Jared Gregory Administrative Associate, Department of Geophysics - Geophysics 397 Panama Mall Mitchell Bldg.
(650) 723-0839
Denys Grombacher Ph.D. Student in Geophysics
Martin Grove Professor (Research) of Geological Sciences
Emily Grubert Ph.D. Student in Environment and Resources

Emily studies United States-based electricity fuel cycles, focusing on integrating knowledge about various environmental and social impacts of fuel extraction, use, and disposal to aid decisionmakers at a local level using life cycle assessment, textual analysis, and multicriteria decision analysis. She particularly works on fuel extraction and water resources.

Y2E2 226
Ognjen Grujic Ph.D. Student in Energy Resources Engineering
Elliot David Grunewald Faculty - Affiliated
Kaiyu Guan Postdoctoral Research fellow, Earth System Science
Halldora Gudmundsdottir Ph.D. Student in Energy Resources Engineering
Antoine Georges Louis Guitton Consulting Professor, Geophysics
Nilay Gungor Masters Student in Geological and Environmental Sciences Braun 322
650 283 75 18
Haoli Guo University Student Department of Energy Resources Engineering Graduate