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Volunteer Boards

Stanford Earth benefits tremendously from the advice and support provided by its three volunteer boards and the individuals who serve as members. The boards have distinct memberships and mandates, as described below. In each case, membership is by invitation.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is composed of alumni and friends who provide counsel to the dean on the most substantive issues facing the school and advise on high-level direction and goals. For more information, please contact Rebecca Smith Vogel.


  • Kai Anderson (BS ’93 Geology, PhD ’98 Geological and Environmental Sciences)
  • Lisa Cirenza (BS '85 Applied Earth Sciences, MA '87 International Policy Studies)
  • Phillip S. Estes ('83 Applied Earth Sciences)
  • James F. Illich (BS '84 Petroleum Engineering)
  • Amy Luers (MA ‘03 International Policy Studies, PhD ’04 Geological and Environmental Sciences)
  • Bradford Mills (BS ’77 Geology, MS ’79 Geology)
  • C. Michael Ming (BS '80 Petroleum Engineering, MS '87 Engineering)
  • John H. Moragne (MS ’83 Applied Earth Sciences, MBA ’86), Chair
  • David Mount (MS '08 E-IPER, MBA '08)
  • Kiran K. Pande (MS ’85 Petroleum Engineering, PhD ’89 Petroleum Engineering)
  • Taylor Reid (BS '88 Petroleum Engineering)
  • Martha G. Roberts (BS '04 Earth Systems, MS '06 Earth Systems)
  • David Rogers (BA '80 Economics, JD '83)
  • Tad Schirmer
  • Kwaku Temeng (MS ’80 Petroleum Engineering, ENG ’82 Petroleum Engineering, PhD ’88 Petroleum Engineering)
  • Jane Woodward (MS '83 Applied Earth Sciences, MBA '87)


Alumni Council

The Alumni Council is made up of degree holders from each of the school’s departments and interdisciplinary programs. They meet annually to offer input and advice on the school’s alumni programs and services. For more information, please contact Astrid Thompson.


  • Osman Apaydin (MS ‘98 Petroleum Engineering)
  • Cat Chang (MS ‘12 E-IPER, MBA ’12)
  • Lily Cheng (BS ‘06 Earth Systems, MS ‘10 Earth Systems)
  • Jake Covault (BS ’04 Geological and Environmental Sciences, PhD ’08 Geological and Environmental Sciences), Chair
  • Erin Craig (BS ‘85 Geophysics)
  • Meredith Lopuch (BA '01 Economics, BS '01 Biology, MS ‘01 Earth Systems)
  • Rajiv Lulla (MS ‘99 Petroleum Engineering)
  • Hari Mix (BS ‘08 Geological and Environmental Sciences, PhD ‘14 Earth System Science)
  • Tom Parsons (MS ’90 Geophysics, PhD ‘92 Geophysics)


Petroleum Investments Committee (PIC)

The PIC is a group of alumni volunteers who use their academic training and broad energy industry expertise to manage the school’s Petroleum Investments Funds, an important source of discretionary income for use by the dean to support teaching and research. For more information, please contact Kevin Robbins.


  • Markus Buchgraber (PhD '13 Energy Resources Engineering)
  • Brian R. Cebull (BS ’93 Mechanical Engineering)
  • James S. Crain (MBA '12)
  • Andrew L. Evans  (MBA '04, PhD ’89 Applied Earth Sciences)
  • Thomas M. Giallonardo (BS ’70 Petroleum Engineering), Chair
  • H. Brock Hudson (BS ’83 Earth Sciences)
  • Peter J. Lellis ('81 Geophysics)
  • Oscar Mascarenhas (MS '99 Petroleum Engineering, MS '05 Management Science & Engineering)
  • Richard R. Mrlik (BS ’81 Mechanical Engineering, ENG ’02 Petroleum Engineering)
  • Spencer Quam (MS '79 Geophysics)
  • Larry Rairden (MS '80 Geophysics)
  • Charles Shufeldt (BA '02 Economics)