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Welcome back to (Stanford) Earth

In the midst of a jam-packed homecoming week this year, Earth Sciences alumni congregated on the patio of the Mitchell Building to reminisce about the past and hear plans for the School’s future. We checked in with a few graduates to see what they're up to and asked them to remember their favorite classes and places on campus. 

The School of Earth Sciences would love to hear from you as well! Please look out for a separate email request in the coming months to send updates to be published in the Spring 2015 Earth Matters edition.

Stanford School Of Earth Sciences
November 11, 2014

Lawrence Bernstein, '85, PhD (Geology)

Lawrence Bernstein

Research Focus: The minerology and geochemistry of germanium
Academic Advisor: Bob Coleman
Residence: Menlo Park, CA
Employment: Founder and owner of Gallixa
Favorite class: Solid-state physics 
Favorite location: The New Guinea sculpture garden

Andrea Christenson-Bates,'04, BS (Earth Systems)

Andrea Christenson Bates

Research focus: Using remote sensing to study land use change
Academic Advisor: Karen Seto 
Residence: Austin, TX
Employment: Natural resources planner for the city of Lake Oswego, OR
Favorite class: Social Dance in Roble Gym

Leo Chyi, '99, BS (Earth Systems)

Leo Chyi

Residence: San Francisco, CA
Employment: CFO for the Department of Children, Youth & Their Families in San Francisco
Favorite class: Environmental Ethics and Sophmore Seminar
Favorite location: Lake Lagunita

Erin Craig, '84, BS (Geophysics)

Erin CraigResidence: Menlo Park, CA
Employment: CEO of Origin Climate
Favorite class: Plate Tectonics
Favorite location: Frozen yogurt at Tressider

Gerald Czamanske, '60, PhD (Geology)

Gerald CzamanskeResearch focus: The geochemistry of oil-bearing solutions
Academic Advisor: Konrad Krauskopf
Residence: Palo Alto, CA
Employment: Retired
Favorite class: Economic geology 

Juge Gregg, '94, BS (Earth Systems), '00, JD (Law)

Juge GreggResidence: Washington, D.C.
Employment: Department of Justice in Environment and Natural Resources Division
Favorite Class: Hal Mooney's bioconservation class at Stanford in Berlin
Favorite location: Branner Library Stairway with the mineral collection

Kevin Hsu, '09, BS (Earth Systems)

Kevin HsuResidence: Palo Alto, CA
Employment: Urban studies lecturer at Stanford
Favorite class: comparative democratic development, also climate change course taught by Steve Schneider
Favorite location: East House

Ann McKinney, '74, BS and MS (Geophysics)

Ann McKinneyResidence: Cape Cod, MA
Employment: Retired
Favorite class: Intro to Geophysics by George Thompson
Favorite location: The lab, where I worked on geophysics problem sets

Ken Pierce, '59, BS (Geology)

Residence: Boseman, MT
Employment: USGS geologist emeritus, studying hotspots and glacial geology in Yellowstone National Park
Favorite class: Sedimentary Geology taught by William Dickenson
Favorite location: The photo lab