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School News

COP21 participants
A man writing on a piece of paper
Kate Maher holding containers of soil
A picture of Cassandra Brooks in the snow next to a picture of Daniel Swain
Students standing in front of solar panels in a field
Three men standing with a plaque
Stanford architecture
Zach in a kayak at Hobbit Hole
A group of people standing in front of a ribbon
A man and a women working on a compost pile
Chris Field
High school teacher Monica Sircar watches a model convection system in a bowl of water
Interns looking at fossils
ESA 100 years
Chris Field
Alumni Council group
Bill Dickinson greeting Jon Claerbout
Globe of the Earth
Pamela Matson speaking to Stanford Earth graduates
David Lobell
Bay Area students listening to a Stanford scientist
Branner library stacks


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