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Sarah McCurdy (Earth Systems MS '16)

Earth Systems Program
November 17, 2015
Sarah McCurdy

Sarah seeks to understand the connection between people's lives and food systems and share those connections with others in a way that benefits both individuals and the human-natural system. She is currently working on a research project with the FEED Collaborative to share the journeys of experienced farmers with those who are just beginning farming.

In addition to her research with the FEED Collaborative, she is also interested in broader climate change initiatives. As the Head Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Earth Systems, she has the unique opportunity to redefine how this class is taught to Stanford students. Given that many students take this class as a Natural Science requirement, she saw a critical opportunity to teach students about their environment in an exciting and interdisciplinary way. Connecting students to the processes that define the Earth System has inspired her to a continue pursuing a career in the field of climate studies. She is a teacher, leader, and passionate earth systems scientist.