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Fiona Noonan (BS' 17, MS '19)

Earth Systems Program
June 11, 2017
Fiona Picture

Fiona has been committed to public service and education through her work with the Stanford Outdoor Outreach Program and her internship at the Landesa Center for Women's Land Rights. This quarter, after noticing that Stanford does not offer any courses that deal with the intersections between gender, land rights, and climate change, she combined her public service and education interests to design and teach a class, "Gender, Land Rights, and Climate Change: An International Perspective", as part of her Senior Capstone. The class has been both an enormous challenge and a source of immense personal and intellectual growth, and Fiona is humbled to have the opportunity to teach such brilliant students (and peers).

Fiona has also worked on environmental education research with Nicole Ardoin's lab since her sophomore year. With Dr. Ardoin she has studied the impacts of social dynamics on immersive environmental education outcomes in Yosemite, and she is currently researching the use of redwood forests as effective climate change education spaces. After graduation, she hopes to use her experiences in Earth Systems and public service to work on conservation issues in the American West.