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Managing User Profiles

Creating New User Profiles

1. Use Stanford Workgroup Manager to enter user's SUNet ID in the group matching user's Primary Affiliation and Personnel Type. There is no need to add the user to workgroups representing secondary affiliations.

2. If user is updating his or her own profile, have the user log in on the School main site. This will create the user's profile and populate it with initial name and address values from the user's public StanfordWho listing. If creating the profile for the user, use the 'Manually Add SUNet User' page available in the User links section of the admin page or directly at Simply enter the primary SUNet ID of the user. Please note: the manual process sets the user's Personnel Type to 'Administrative Staff' and Primary Affilation as 'Deans Office'.

3. Check the data imported into the new profile for correctness, add any secondary affiliations and/or research groups, a picture, and CV information.  Please note: public Stanford Who information is used to initially populate a user profile, but future changes to Stanford Who information do *not* automatically get reflected in the profile. Once created, the profile must be updated manually on the school main site.

4. Updated profiles will be automatically copied to Department, Program, and Research Group sites every hour.

5. Whenever a user logs in to a Department, Program, or Research Group site with which they are affiliated, their profile will be automatically updated from the main site, so they do not need to wait for the hourly update.

6. All profile updates must be made on the main site.

Research Group Profiles

1. Research Group profiles are populated based on the group affiliation specified in a user's profile on the main site.

2. Non-Stanford group affiliates may be given access to affiliate resources in two ways. As is the current practice, a single affiliate user account may be created and shared among affiliates, or a Research Group may now use Stanford Guest Accounts to give each affiliate a unique account based on his or her email address.

3. Guest Accounts may be created by individual users themselves or may also be created by email invitation. Learn more about guest accounts here and here.

4. If a non-Stanford affiliate needs a profile on the Research Group site, it may be created manually, as is currently done.

5. If you wish to utilize Guest Accounts, please see Aaron or Ken. We will enable guest accounts on your site, set up a workgroup for the accounts, and link the workgroup members to the affiliate_user role on your site.

Deleting Profiles/Converting to Alumni

1. To remove a user profile from the main and all department, program, and research group sites, simply remove the user from all relevant workgroups.

2. Within 24 hours, the main site will detect that the user is no longer associated with SES and will unpublish his or her profile. Within an hour or two after that, all other sites will be instructed to delete the profile record from that site.

3. Some sites (E-IPER, ERE) wish to maintain profiles as Alumni. The procedure to do this has changed! This is the new procedure:

  • Before removing the user from the workgroups, go to the admin page on your department, program or research group site and choose 'Convert Student to Alumni' under 'User Management' or go directly to, for example (this is the link for the ERE site) Only those with Web Master role may access this page.
  • The page will display a list of all current Undergraduate and Graduate students, as well as Post-Doc Researchers. Click the ones you wish to convert and click the Convert button at the top. Those profiles will be converted to Alumni records which may be updated and/or deleted locally from your site.
  • This process must be done individually for each site that is tracking alumni to which the user is affiliated.
  • There is now no need to add users to an alumni workgroup.
  • If a user has been removed from the workgroups and deleted from your site before you had a chance to convert them to alumni, don't panic. Simply contact Aaron or Ken and we will fix the problem.