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Industrial Affiliate Programs

Basin and Petroleum System Modeling Group

Quantitative Numerical Modeling of Petroleum Systems
A team of researchers has developed a science plan to train students using active research in quantitative numerical modeling of petroleum systems through an industrial affiliates program at Stanford University. The plan was developed with the cooperation and support of the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences, including the Department of Geological Sciences and the new Center for Computational Earth & Environmental Science (CEES) at Stanford University.

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SCERF: Stanford Center for Earth Resources Forecasting

The Stanford Center for Earth Resources Forecasting (SCERF) provides research in the exploration, evaluation & development of Earth Resources, whether Energy, Water or Minerals.

Our motivation

"The challenge of living on a planet with a growing population requiring an increasing need for such resources. Any exploration, evaluation & development will have to rely on smart decision-making processes that address properly large uncertainties due to limited observations, whether from drilling, geophysical or flow dynamic data, and to mitigate environmental impact"

Our mission

"to provide solutions for such problems from data acquisition to decision analysis. We focus on developing state-of-the-art data scientific methods for the integration of spatial data over many scales, the quantification of uncertainty of subsurface systems, the value of information of data sources in the context of decision making purposes"

The SCERF program receives funding from industrial affiliate members from both the mineral and energy industry and funding for groundwater & geothermal resources from government entities and the School for Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences.

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May 8 - 9, 2019
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Stanford Project on Deepwater Depositional Systems (SPODDS)

The Stanford Project on Deepwater Depositional Systems (SPODDS) is a research program focused on the study of ancient and modern coarse-clastic deep-water deposits from around the world. Affiliate members of this industrial consortium include numerous international energy companies that seek greater understanding of deep-water deposits as reservoir system for oil and gas.

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