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Trip Photo Log

Wow. What a trip. The 2005 Stanford Alpine Project expedition to Guatemala was an amazing experience. Tons of interesting rocks, volcanoes, calderas, caves, mayan ruins, a great group of people, and those (in)famous Guatemalan enchiladas... Download this nearly comprehensive photo log (large pdf file) or browse through a few selected photos.


A major component of the Stanford Alpine Project is the creation of a guidebook. The guidebook both chronicles the course of the actual SAP trip through Guatemala, but also provides a written description of the logisitical details, site information, geological data, and other helpful bits of information to allow other geology enthusiasts to embark on a similar or derivative excursion.

Remember that this guidebook is by no means a definitive "see-all" guide to the geology of Guatemala. Rather it is a log of our trip through the country with a list of the places we visited and observations we made. Our route can be followed as strictly or as loosely as desired, or indeed not at all. Regardless, it is our sincere hope that our experiences and advice are helpful to other travelers and geologists alike who plan to visit Guatemala.

Here is a pdf version of the final 2005 Stanford Alpine Project Field Guide to Guatemalan Geology. If you would like a printed copy (~$30) please contact Kevan Moffett via email: