Supported Software

Last revision September 9, 2013


The tables on this page shows software applications currently installed on the computers of the Mitchell A-59 G.R.I.D. lab. Each operating system in the lab has an identical software set. We are running the 64 bit edition of Windows 7 and preferentially install 64 bit versions of applications when available so they can use all the RAM in the computer.

Some programs have licenses that limit the number of simultaneous users (shown in parentheses). These licenses are shared with the computers in the Mitchell A-65 teaching cluster. Checkboxes in the tables show whether each program runs under Windows 7, Mac OS X, or both.

The older Dell computer "choffman" is setup to control the Contex map scanner. It runs Windows XP. The only application installed on that computer is the "WideImage" scanning software. It has none of the applications shown in the tables for the other lab computers.

Science, Math, Image Processing and Visualization:
Installed under: Software Program
Windows Mac OS X  
X X Adobe Design Premium Creative Suite 4 v14.0.0: Acrobat Pro, Bridge, Distiller, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, PhotoShop Extended
  X iLife '11: iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, iWeb - multimedia creation
X X Matlab R2013a (see Software Tips page) (20 licenses - not installed on Saxton) - mathematical modeling and analysis with these additional modules (10 licenses each, unless shown otherwise):
    Communications Blockset, Communications Toolbox, Control System Toolbox, Financial Toolbox, Fuzzy Logic Toolbox, Global Optimization Toolbox, Image Processing Toolbox, Mapping Toolbox, MATLAB compiler, Neural Network Toolbox, Optimization Toolbox, Parallel Computing Toolbox, Partial Differential Equation Toolbox, Signal Processing Blockset, Signal Processing Toolbox (20), Simulink, Simulink Control Design, Spline Toolbox, Statistics Toolbox (20), Symbolic Math Toolbox, System Identification Toolbox, Wavelet Toolbox
X X Comsol MultiPhysics v4.3b (15 licenses; not installed on Saxton) - provides the following science modules for Matlab:
    AC/DC, Acoustics, CAD Import, CFD, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Earth Science, Livelink for Matlab, Optimization, RF, and Structural Mechanics
X X R v3.0.1 - statistical data analysis
X   ArcGIS Desktop v10.1SP1 - geographical information system (please see the Software Tips page)
X   GeoDA v1.4.1 - geospatial data analysis
X X Google Earth v7 - terrain visualization
X X ENVI v5.0 and IDL v8.2 (20 licenses) - remote sensing image visualization and analysis
X SGeMS v3 - geostatistical earth modeling
X   GOCAD 2011.3 (formerly Earth Decision Suite)

Programming and Modeling Languages:
Installed under: Software Program
Windows Mac OS X  
  X Xcode v4.6.3 - C compiler and development environment
X X Python (v2.7.2 on Mac)

Productivity Applications and Utilities:
Installed under: Software Program
Windows Mac OS X  
X X Kerberos client - login to Stanford network services
X X Ssh remote logins (SecureCRT v7.0.2 on Windows - see Software Tips page, Leland SSH v3.0 on Mac)
X X Sftp file transfers (SecureFX v7.0.2 on Windows - see Software Tips page, Fetch v5.7.3 on Mac)
X X X Window server (Xming v6.9.0.31 on Windows, XQuartz v2.7.4 on Mac)
X X Microsoft Remote Desktop client (v6.0 on Windows, v2.1.1 on Mac)
X X Microsoft Office - v2010 Professional on Windows, v2011 on Mac - includes Word, Excel, Excel Solver, and PowerPoint
X X Adobe Reader v11.0.3 - PDF viewer
X X Adobe Flash Player Plugin v11.8
X X Adobe Shockwave Player v12
X X Adobe AIR player v3.8
X X Autodesk Design Review 2013 - CAD drawing (DWF format) viewer
X X QuickTime (v7.74 on Windows, v10.2 on Mac)
X   Ghostgum/GSView v5 and GhostScript v9 - PostScript viewer
  X Preview v6.0.1 - PDF, PostScript, and graphics viewer
X X Mozilla Firefox v23 - web browser
X X Google Chrome v29 - web browser
X   Internet Explorer v10 - web browser
  X Safari v6.0.5 - web browser
X   Windows Media Player v11
  X Flip4Mac Player v3.2.0.16 - Windows media player for Mac
X X VideoLAN VLC media player v2
  X RealPlayer video player v12
X X Sophos Anti-Virus (v10 on Windows, v8 on Mac)
X X CD/DVD burning (built-in to operating system)
X X Zip archive handling (ZipGenius v6.3 on Windows, built-in on Mac)
X X Screen snapshot capture (MWSnap on Windows, built-in on Mac)