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Katlyn Turner graduates

Katlyn Turner graduates with her PhD in Geological Sciences. Her thesis is entitled, "The high-pressure structural response of uranyl peroxides, uranyl nano-cages, and Ln2B2O7 pyrochlores."

Alex Lubkin graduates from the International Security Studies

Alex Lubkin graduated in the Interschool Honors Program in International Security Studies. His work won the William Perry Prize for policy relevant research.

Mineralogical Conference in Jachymov 2016

Rodney Ewing Awarded Campbell, Roebling and IMA Medals

Rod has been honored with three prestigious awards in the geological and mineralogical sciences. He is being recognized for his groundbreaking research on nuclear materials and his contributions to nuclear waste management. The international impact of professor Ewing’s research into nuclear waste storage is also being recognized.

Rod Ewing Awarded 2015 Medal of Excellence

International Mineralogical Association
Rod has been awarded the 2015 Medal of Excellence by the International Mineralogical Association for his contribution to our understanding of mineralogical solutions to the safe disposal of high-level nuclear waste and his work studying the interactions between ionizing radiation and prospective storage materials.

Rod Ewing Awarded Roebling Medal

Mineralogical Society of America
Rod will be awarded the 2015 Roebling Medal of the Mineralogical Society of America at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America in Baltimore. There will also be a symposium (T134) in Rod’s honor, Radiation Effects, Mineralogy and Materials Science of Actinides at the GSA.

Long-term storage of spent nuclear fuel

To design reliable and safe geological repositories it is critical to understand how the characteristics of spent nuclear fuel evolve with time, and how this affects the storage environment.

Redox response of actinide materials to highly ionizing radiation

As advanced nuclear fuels and wasteforms are developed, fundamental understanding of the processes controlling radiation damage accumulation is necessary. Here we report oxidation state reduction of actinide and analogue elements caused by high-energy, heavy ion irradiation and demonstrate coupling of this redox behaviour with structural modifications.

Reset of U.S. Nuclear Waste Management Strategy and Policy

The United States’ strategy for the storage and disposal of highly radioactive nuclear waste is at a stalemate: spent nuclear fuel accumulates at nuclear power plants, yet there is no long-term, national strategy for spent fuel management and disposal.
Rod Ewing

Earth scientist and nuclear waste expert Rod Ewing joins Stanford

Rod Ewing, a mineralogist and materials scientist who is an expert on nuclear waste management and policy, will join Stanford University to focus on sustainable energy, security and environmental research at the intersection of physical science and public policy.