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Student Advisors

Active and engaged advising is a hallmark of the Earth Systems Program. We offer a tiered advising network that starts with an annual cohort of student advisors and includes committed staff & faculty. We pride ourselves on offering advising and guidance on a "one human being at a time" basis. Please feel free to set up an appointment or just stop by for help. Student Advisors hold weekly office hours in the Earth Systems office during the academic year. Our doors are always open! 


Spring Quarter 2019

Profile Image for Sadie Rosalie Gruenwald Cwikiel

Sadie Rosalie Gruenwald Cwikiel

Masters Student in Earth Systems
Sadie is a senior majoring in Earth Systems in the Oceans and Climate track and minoring in creative writing. She grew up in Northern Michigan and has always loved spending time outside. She is interested in oceanography, tropical ecosystems, and conservation. Her favorite Stanford quarter was spent studying ecology and anthropology during the Wrigley Field Program in Hawaii. Her group research project on parrotfish in Hawaiian coral reefs inspired her love for marine ecosystems. Sadie also studied abroad in Santiago, Chile, and enjoyed hiking in the Andes and practicing Spanish. She has spent her summers researching the impacts of drought and flooding events on soil respiration, working with a citizen science program in the Peruvian rainforest, and sailing through the Phoenix Islands Protected Area during a SEA Semester. Outside of academics, Sadie enjoys leading SPOT and adventure trips with Stanford Outdoor Education, leading tours at Jasper Ridge, playing drums in LSJUMB, creative writing, and dancing. In her free time, she likes to go hiking and camping, do ceramics, or go to the beach.
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Hailey Deres

Masters Student in Earth Systems
This year, Hailey is a senior on the Oceans and Climate track of Earth Systems. She was born and raised in New England but relocated to Dallas at age 10, and she's missed the coast ever since. Hailey loves all things related to the sea, but she is particularly interested in the cultural ties that have historically drawn communities to the ocean and the education necessary to facilitate global cooperation. She is entering her senior year following a quarter spent at the Hopkins Marine Station in Monterey and a summer filled with research on abalone physiology and their physical distribution. During her senior year, Hailey will be pursuing an honors thesis focusing on abalone and their possible responses to projected oceanic change. She spends most of her free time baking, listening to podcasts, and trying to convince everyone to go to trivia night with her.
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Whitney Ria Francis

Masters Student in Earth Systems
Whitney is senior from San Diego, CA aka America's Finest City. After a winding path of exploring different majors, Whitney officially joined the Earth Systems community last year. She is in the Human Environmental Systems track and is also minoring in Asian American Studies. From a young age, Whitney has been passionate and curious about all things food related, which has shaped her interactions with the environment and influenced her interests in the intersection of food, racial, and environmental justice. Whitney hopes to someday do work related to developing sustainable food systems. During her time at Stanford, she has found herself doing fieldwork in Hawaii, exploring Kyoto, and working on a photography project about mixed-race Japanese Americans. This past summer, she was working with the Trust for Public Land in SF doing public grants and policy work. Outside of Earth Systems, Whitney has worked as an RA in Okada, is an active member of the Japanese Student Union, and constantly finds herself taking on new projects. In her free time, she can be found adding new music to her playlists, complaining about the cold, snacking on fresh food at the farm, and hanging out with friends!
Profile Image for Maceo Chaim Hastings Porro

Maceo Chaim Hastings Porro

Masters Student in Earth Systems
Maceo is a senior majoring in the Earth Systems Biosphere track. Hailing from Santa Cruz, California, he is passionate about the outdoors, conservation, and adventuring. Before coming to Stanford, Maceo took a gap year to travel in South America. He spent four months in Chilean Patagonia, backpacking, mountaineering, and volunteering in Torres del Paine national park. He also studied Thai massage and traveled through Southeast Asia. Since coming to Stanford, he has worked at Life Lab community garden, conducted research at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, and volunteered as a tutor at the East Palo Alto Academy High School. Maceo is excited about sustainable agriculture, environmental education, and social justice. He hopes to learn more about these issues and about himself in order to best serve communities and develop creative solutions to global problems. Outside of academics, Maceo loves to play music, rock climb, and go on spontaneous adventures!
Profile Image for Elise Jael Miller

Elise Jael Miller

Student Employee, Earth Systems Program
Elise is a coterm in the M.S. program in Earth Systems. Last year she completed her B.S. in the Sustainable Food and Agriculture track of Earth Systems, with a Notation in Science Communication and minor in history. During her junior and senior years, she spent time in Oaxaca, Patagonia, and Oxford studying ecology, natural resource management, and environmental geography. She is especially excited about community-based conservation and grassroots advocacy movements for local food system policy change. Her summer adventures have included science policy on Capitol Hill, ecology fieldwork in the tallgrass prairies of Iowa, environmental journalism, conservation agriculture research focused on soil erosion, and spending time at her family’s permaculture farm. Elise’s journey through undergrad was a winding path, and she loves to talk about her exploration of science and society through many majors en route to her happy place, Earth Systems. This year she is finishing her studies with a focus on environmental communication and management. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, playing the oboe, backpacking, making a mess while cooking, and social dancing.
profile image for Meghan Wilson

Meghan Nicole Wilson

Masters Student in Earth Systems
Meghan Wilson is a senior in the Land Systems track of Earth Systems focusing on environmental education and community development. Growing up in Westerville, Ohio, her relationship to the environment was contextualized through its connections to family meals, land history, and the impromptu science lab of her backyard. A gap year before college led her to Morocco and Guam, where she studied Arabic, volunteered with a citizen science project on coral reef monitoring, and solidified her passion for environmental science. Since coming to Stanford, her interest in growing food has become the connection point for how she hopes to engage the public in better stewardship of the environment. She spent her first college summer at Stanford Sierra Camp, where she led preschoolers on adventures around Fallen Leaf Lake and spent weekends hiking & camping in the Sierras. She spent her sophomore summer at City Blossoms in Washington, D.C., where she worked with a youth entrepreneurship program on urban farming, and this year she is continuing to explore the role of youth programs in urban agriculture through her senior thesis. Meghan’s favorite quarter at Stanford was spent in Hawai‘i on the Wrigley Field Program, which she’ll probably never stop telling stories about. On campus she spends her free time nurturing new plants at the educational farm, planning the next AMENDS conference, or testing out new ingredients in bread recipes.