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Head Teaching Assistants

Jack Lane Head Shot Head TA Picture
Masters Student in Earth Systems

From a childhood split between the dry mountains of Colorado and the humid forests of Georgia, Jack came to Stanford with a passion for water and no clear academic direction. After competing on the varsity swim team for two years, Jack finally found a way to bring his love for water into his scholastic life through the Earth Systems program. As an undergraduate, Jack's coursework included marine biology, ecology, and conservation with a focus on coastal ocean ecosystems, in particular the coral reefs of Hawaii and the kelp forests of central California. Through his Earth Systems Masters Degree, Jack will develop his ability to measure, quantify, and analyze the processes and ecosystem services of our invaluable marine resources. As Head TA, Jack hopes to combine his appreciation for the natural world with his keen interest in teaching by working to engage and inspire students through interdisciplinary environmental education.

Kara Matsumoto Head shot picture
Masters Student in Earth Systems

Kara was born and raised right outside of Washington, DC, but has since fallen for California’s coasts and mountains. At Stanford, her love for wildlife and being outside brought her to the Earth Systems program, and she never looked back. Kara’s undergraduate studies focused on conservation biology, ecology, and marine sciences, and they brought her around the world: forestry fieldwork in Chile, Argentina, and Mexico; climate change negotiations research in Paris; and agricultural studies in Belize. Looking forward, Kara hopes to make a positive impact on the Earth and people by delving deeper into the world of environmental policy. After spending a year working on environmental issues in the federal government in her native DC, she is eager to be back on campus and serve as the Head TA for Earth Systems 10 this year. In this capacity, she hopes to educate students about important environmental issues and instill in them a sense of stewardship for Earth’s many interconnected systems. When she’s not in the Earth Systems office, you can probably find her practicing figure skating or aerial silks, or adventuring in a new place.