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Head Teaching Assistants

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Masters Student in Earth Systems
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Earth Systems Student Advisor

Carolyn is a senior in the Biosphere track of Earth Systems. She grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, which rooted in her a love for the environment and for snow. She is passionate about wildlife conservation and environmental justice and is interested in how products of human activity, such as noise pollution and fertilizer runoff, affect ecosystems. She learned hands-on marine biology at Hopkins Marine Station in Monterey and through Stanford’s study abroad program in Australia, and she spent another quarter abroad studying the humanities in Paris. During her freshman summer, she researched the community ecology of microbes found in floral nectar, which introduced her to both field and lab work. She took a break from research sophomore summer to spend time at home with her parents and Labrador in Portland, OR, and worked at a restaurant on the weekends. To gain more experience in field ecology, she spent her junior summer quantifying plant-pollinator interactions in natural and agricultural areas surrounding Monterey Bay. In addition to playing with dogs and cooking, she loves doing crosswords, playing the flute, and hiking.