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Message from the Director

The Earth Systems Program remains vibrant at 25+ years at Stanford (est. 1992). We are happy to report that we continue to experience high levels of interest in our program. We attribute this success to a number of factors, including expanded track options, increased course offerings, several new environmental faculty members, and increased awareness and interest in environmental issues. We continue to be inspired by the energy; creativity, and dedication of our students, faculty, and staff!

The Earth Systems Program emphasizes the interaction between humans and their natural and built environments. The Program provides Stanford students with a unified, coherent, and demanding interdisciplinary curriculum on environmental topics. It draws its strength from the excellent faculty in the schools of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences, Humanities and Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Business, Education, and Law. The Stanford Earth Systems Program is widely known and respected, and it serves as a model for curriculum development at a number of institutions around the country.

The Earth Systems Program continues to draw enthusiasm at both the undergraduate and coterminal masters levels. Nearly 70 faculty contribute as teachers and mentors. The Program’s superb staff continue to provide the “home” for the program: Kevin Arrigo (Director), Richard Nevle (Deputy Director), Deana Fabbro-Johnston (Associate Director), Anahid Babekian (Student Services Manager), Suki Hoagland (Internship Coordinator), and Melissa Vallejo (Administrator), and numerous student peer advisors and program T.A.'s work together to maintain the program's excellence.

Kevin R. Arrigo, Ph.D.
Victoria and Roger Sant Director, Earth Systems Program