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Name Title Current Research Contact
Anshul Agarwal Phys Sci Res Scientist
Arnout Mans Pieter Boelens Physical Science Research Scientist The Boltzmann Transport Equation has important applications in both
non-continuum fluid mechanics and semiconductor research. It is an example of an
high-dimensional partial-differential equation (PDE) and describes the
evolution of a joint probability function. Due to the curse of dimensionality
these kind of equations are notoriously hard to solve. I work on parallel tensor
methods to solve high-dimensional PDEs in general and the Boltzmann Transport
Equation in particular.
Francesca Boso Sr Res Scientist-Physical
Nicola Castelletto Phys Sci Res Assoc, Energy Resources Engineering

My research interests concern the physics of fluid flow and deformation in porous media. Specifically, my research focus is on modeling coupled hydromechanical processes that occur as a consequence of the exploitation and management of subsurface energy resources. Significant applications include land subsidence prediction due to water or hydrocarbon extraction, and fluid injection in deep geologic formations for underground gas storage, deformation mitigation or geological carbon sequestration purposes.

Barbara De Farias Esteves Graduate Visiting Researcher Student, Energy Resources Engineering Graduate Visiting Researcher
Charlotte Beatrice Marguerite Garing Affiliate, Benson Program Green Earth Sciences 069
Timur Garipov Affiliate, Department of Energy Resources Engineering - SUPRI-B
Mohammad Karimi-Fard Sr Res Scientist-Physical Green Earth Sci, room 23
(650) 725-2728
Tae Wook Kim Physical Sci Res Scientist Research Field:
Synthesis & characterization of thin inorganic/polymer membranes, adsorbents, and conductive
membranes; Characterization of well-core & heavy oil; CO2 separation & sequestration process; Enhanced oil recovery method for offshore oil field; fuel cells system & hydrogen production.
367 Panama St.
Svyatoslav Korneev
Kewen Li Sr Research Engineer Dept. of ERE, Room 077A
Mohammad S. Masnadi Physical Science Research Scientist
Huanquan Pan Sr Res Scientist-Physical 049 Green Earth Sciences Bldg
(650) 725-9482
Cynthia M. Ross Energy Resources Engineering Green Earth Sciences Bldg Rm 353
(650) 725-0944
Simonetta Rubol Staff, Battiato Program
Luiz Sampaio Senior Physical Science Research Associate 367 Panama St, office 077A
(510) 309-7639, (650) 725-2630
Kazuki Sawayama Affiliate, Geothermal Program
Celine Scheidt Sr Res Engineer Energy Resources Eng. Dpt
Suihong Song Graduate Visiting Researcher Student, Energy Resources Engineering Graduate Visiting Researcher
Cyprien Soulaine Affiliate, SUPRI-B
Pavel Tomin Sr Research Engineer, Department of Energy Resources Engineering
Bolivia Vega Martin Engineering Research Associate - ERE Green Earth Sciences Building
Oleg Volkov Sr Res Scientist-Physical 367 Panama St. room 337
(650) 725-0959