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Dissertation Defenses

Click the student's dissertation title to see his/her defense video, if available. Note that many videos may be password-protected by the student.

Student Name Dissertation Title YEAR
Ronan Arthur Epidemics and Adaptive Behavior as a Coupled Human-Natural System: Trust and Response to the 2014-15 Ebola Epidemic in Liberia 2018
Nikit Abhyankar Essays on Modeling Energy Future of India: Natural Gas, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency 2012
Christa Anderson Land Use Policy for Forest Management: Impacts on Forest Outcomes 2018
Austin Becker Building seaport resilience for climate change adaptation: Problem identification, impacts assessment, and stakeholder strategies 2013
Elinor Benami Shaping the Producer's Problem: The Role of Land-use Zoning and Certification in the Sustainability of Brazilian Oil Palm and Coffee 2018
Rebecca Benner Novel Institutional Approaches for Conservation of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services 2008
Laura Bloomfield At the Edge of Zoonotic Spillover: Land Use, Human-Primate Contact and Social Networks in Western Uganda 2018
Hilary Schaffer Boudet Contentious Politics in Liquefied Natural Gas Facility Siting 2010
Greg Bratman The impacts of nature experience on mood, emotion regulation, and cognitive function 2015
Kate Brauman Hydrologic Ecosystem Services: Managing Land Cover to Enhance Water Resources 2010
Cassandra Brooks Policies for managing the global commons: The case of marine protected areas in Antarctica 2016
Marilyn Cornelius Designing Behavioral Solutions to Reduce Residential Energy Use 2012
Amanda Cravens Evaluating software in environmental conflict resolution: The role of MarineMap in coastal planning and decision making in California 2014
Danny Cullenward Essays in Energy Economics and Climate Policy 2013
Jenna Forsyth Root Causes of Lead Exposure in Rural Bangladesh 2019
Jason Funk Carbon farming in New Zealand: An Interdisciplinary Assessment of Indigenous Reforestation as a Land-use System 2009
Rachael Garrett Interactions between global supply chains, land use, and governance: the case of soybean production in South America 2013
Joanne Gaskell The Palm Oil Revolution in Asia 2012
Andy Gerhart An environmental and social history of the Chilean salmon farming industry, 1976-2009 2015
Joshua Goldstein Paying for Conservation in Human-Dominated Landscapes 2007
Rachelle Gould The Forest Has a Story: Reforestation and Cultural Ecosystem Services in Kona, Hawaiˈi 2013
Mark Hayes Flexible LNG Supply, Gas Storage and Price Formation in a Global Gas Market 2006
Robert Heilmayr Chile's forest transition: Foreshadowing global timber markets and governance 2015
Miyuki Hino

Managing Flood Risk in a Changing Climate

Kristen Honey Aligning Complex, Adaptive Systems Theory and Data-Limited Assessment Strategies for Improved Fisheries Management 2013
Michael Hooper The Dynamics of Displacement: A Study of Slum Dweller Mobilization Around Urban Evictions in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 2010
Holmes Hummel Technology and Policy Implications of Global Energy Scenarios that Stabilize Global Warming in the 21st Century 2006
Hajin Kim Markets, Morality, and the Environment 2020
Dane Klinger Navigating emerging challenges in marine aquaculture: Toxins, temperature, and new species  2014
Adam Leising Peer Effects within Homeowner Adoption of Solar-PV Panels: A Case-Control Study of Three Northern California Cities 2014
Staci Lewis Linking socio-political transformations to environmental change: A mixed methods approach to assessing adaptive watershed governance in the Republic of Palau 2019
Noa Lincoln Agroecology of the Kona Field System 2014

Heather Lukacs

Sustaining the benefits of stream restoration by watershed groups in Appalachia

Andrea Lund Human-environment dynamics in the eco-epidemiology of schistosomiasis 2020
Justin Mankin Climate certainty, uncertainty, and human water availability in a warming world 2015
Michael Mastrandrea "Dangerous" Climate Change: Probabilistic Integrated Assessment, Ecosystem Impacts, and Abrupt Climatic Change 2004
Adam Millard-Ball Why Do Cities Care About Climate Change? Essays on Carbon Offsets and Climate Action Plans 2011
Frances Moore Empirical Constraints on the Rate and Effectiveness of Private Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture 2015
Kimberly Nicholas Global change in local places: Climate change and the future of The Wine Industry in Sonoma and Napa, California 2008
Rebecca Niemiec The Multi-Scalar Drivers of Resident Invasive Species Control Action in Hawai'i 2018
Lauren Oakes Forests in a changing climate: social and ecological responses to yellow-cedar decline in the Alexander Archipelago, Alaska 2015
Katrina ole-MoiYoi Fishing for Answers: Can Aquaculture Transform Food Security in Rural Kenya? 2016
Kirsten Oleson Sustainability of comprehensive wealth - A practical and normative assessment 2007
Michael Ovadia Humanizing Markets: The Emergence of Community in the Sharing Economy 2016
Andrew Perlstein Sustainable Urban Development in China: Challenges for the Planning Profession 2012
Amy Pickering Water access, hand hygiene, and child health in Sub-Saharan Africa 2011
Rodrigo Pizarro The Global Diffusion of Conservation Policy: an Institutional Analysis 2012
Narasimha Rao Distributional Impacts of Climate Change Mitigation in India: National and Global Implications 2011
Dan Reineman The human dimensions of wave resource management in California 2015
Elizabeth Richards Over-Allocation and the Doctrine of Prior Appropriation:  Water Rights Settlement Agreements in New Mexico 2008
Nik Sawe The Neuroeconomics of Environmental Decision-Making: Individual Differences and Behavior 2015
Caroline Scruggs Minimizing Unregulated Hazardous Chemicals in Consumer Products: Challenges, Strategies, and Motivations of Proactive Companies 2012
Samantha Sekar Misrepresented: Understanding the gap between US public opinion and policy on climate change 2020
Geoff Shester Sustainability In Small-Scale Fisheries: An Analysis Of Ecosystem Impacts, Fishing Behavior, and Spatial Management Using Participatory Research Methods 2008
Kaitlin Shilling Climate Change and Conflict: Identifying the Mechanisms 2012
A.R Siders Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change 2017
Carolyn Snyder Key uncertainties in the risks of future climate change: Insights from a probabilistic analysis of climate change over the past million years 2010
Veena Srinivasan An integrated framework for analysis of water supply strategies in a developing world city: Chennai, India 2008
Charlotte Stanton Experiments in Environment and Development 2015
Andy Stocks Uncertainty analysis and regression models for marine human impact mapping 2017
Aiga Stokenberga Choosing a Home in a Complex Physical and Social Ecosystem: How networks shape residential location choices and livlihood strategies in Bogota, Columbia 2016
Aaron Strong Knowledge to Action in the Anthropocene: Understanding and Managing Biogeochemical Cycles Under Anthropogenic Global Change 2016
Tannis Thorlakson Sustainable Sourcing in Agricultural Supply Chains: An Analysis Across Scales 2018
Nicola Ulibarri Collaborating for People and Nature: Assessing the Impacts of Collaborative Governance in Federal Hydropower Licensing 2015
Mehana Blaich Vaughan Holoholo i ke kai o Hiala'a.  Collaborative Community Care and Management of Coastal Resources: Creating State Law Based on Customary Community Rules To Manage a Near Shore Fishery in Hawai'i 2012
Jennifer Wang Putting Individuals in Context: Interdisciplinary and Behavioral Science Approaches for Understanding Environmental and Human Health Decisions 2018
Justin Warren A Policy Comparison of Bacterial Pollution at Two Swimming Beaches in Southern California Using a Joint Physical-Behavioral-Economic Simulation Analysis 2009
Xuehua Zhang Enforcing Environmental Regulations in Hubei Province, China:  Agencies, Courts, Citizens 2008
Valentina Zuin Improving Water Services for Unconnected Urban Households in Sub-Saharan Africa: Preferences and Options in Maputo, Mozambique 2014