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PhD Students

Photo Name Current Research Contact
Profile Image for Garrett Albistegui Adler Garrett Albistegui Adler Garrett is interested in better understanding connections between environmental variability (and change) and human security. In particular, he works to explore relationships between climate variability and violent conflict, and hopes to better identify some of the mechanisms that may link these phenomena.
Profile Image for Anela Arifi Anela Arifi Anela researches the nexus between engineering, socio-economic, policy, and environmental components of energy systems. She currently focuses on the characterization of the scale and pace of integrating different energy systems with natural climate solutions.
Profile Image for Laura Bloomfield Laura Bloomfield Laura studies how land-use changes facilitate interactions between people and wildlife affecting infectious disease emergence. She currently focuses on the spatial dispersion and transmission of zoonotic and vector-borne diseases along and between human and non-human primate networks.
Profile Image for Erica Bower Erica Bower
Profile Image for Nina Brooks Nina Brooks Nina’s research interests lie at the intersection of environmental, health, and development economics and she is broadly interested in the social and environmental determinants of population health. Her dissertation looks at the health and environmental externalities of brick manufacturing in Bangladesh. Her other work is focused on reproductive health access and policies in Sub-Saharan Africa and in Israel.
Override profile image for Nic Buckley Nicole Buckley Biggs
Profile Image for Rachel Ragnhild Carlson Rachel Ragnhild Carlson
Profile Image for Kiran Chawla Kiran Chawla
Profile Image for Marissa Childs Marissa Childs Marissa’s research interests are in the ecology of infectious diseases. She studies the environmental and social conditions that promote vector-borne disease transmission. Her current research focuses on spillover of yellow fever virus in Brazil and the effects of temperature on dengue transmission.
Saskia Comess
Profile Image for Rachel Engstrand Rachel Engstrand Rachel studies ecosystem resilience to gold mining and agriculture in the Peruvian Amazon.
Safari Fang
Profile Image for Caroline Ferguson Caroline Ferguson
Profile Image for David Gonzalez David Gonzalez David is a doctoral candidate at Stanford University in environmental health sciences. He studies how pollution from extractive industries affects reproductive health and contributes to health disparities.
Profile Image for Kristen Green Kristen Green Kristen's research interests are sustainable marine resource planning for Alaskan communities. She seeks to understand how communities that are highly dependent on coastal resources will adapt and maintain resiliency in the face of climate change.
Profile Image for Gus Greenstein Gus Greenstein
Profile Image for Randall Holmes Randall Holmes
Override profile image for Andrew Hume Andrew Hume
Profile Image for Hajin Kim Hajin Kim Hajin's research focuses on international trade and the environment.
Profile Image for Anna Lee Anna Lee Anna's research interests are how people learn about and make decisions related to food and waste.
Profile Image for Cesar Augusto Lopez Cesar Augusto Lopez
Profile Image for Andrea Lund Andrea Lund Andrea's research interests are in the ecology and epidemiology of infectious disease. Her work focuses particularly on the social and environmental determinants of schistosomiasis, a parasitic disease that infects humans through direct contact with freshwater.
Profile Image for Casey Maue Casey Maue My research concerns how environmental issues and efforts to promote economic development intersect in agricultural systems. Active projects include: (i) analyzing the patterns in and dynamics of agricultural TFP in 6 countries in SSA, (ii) investigating how access to informal financial services affects investment and productivity in the Ghanaian palm oil industry, and (iii) quantifying how changes weather risk induced by climate change have impacted economic outcomes in the agricultural sector.
Kelley McKanna
Profile Image for Rebecca Miller Rebecca Miller Rebecca researches historic and current wildfire protection and prevention policies in California and their potential impacts on future wildfires in the state. She examines how federal, state, and local governments in California prepare for, respond to, and recover from wildfires.
Override profile image for Caroline Muraida Caroline Muraida
Profile Image for Josheena Naggea Josheena Naggea Josheena is a third year doctoral student supporting marine governance in small island states who are facing current impacts of climate change. Her research is situated at the nexus of political ecology and marine policy and focuses on adaptive management of marine protected areas, community inclusion, and the valorization of natural and cultural heritage in marine resource management.
Profile Image for Chikara Onda Chikara Onda Chikara studies the distributional impacts of climate and energy policies. His current research builds a climate policy model linked to a microeconometrically estimated labor choice model to simulate the impact of carbon pricing on labor and how this impact might differ across income groups. This model can be used to consider different policy designs, with an eye towards mitigating any negative impacts on low-income households.
Alison Ong
Profile Image for Nathan Ratledge Nathan Ratledge Nathan studies clean energy and energy access issues in developing economies. Specifically, his research covers the intersection of the economics, business and system design elements, as well as the environmental impacts of energy development.
Profile Image for Sudatta Ray Sudatta Ray Sudatta studies the impacts that different energy systems have on resources and food security. Her work aims to inform developing country policymakers in their decisions on providing access to energy.
Profile Image for Francisca Santana Francisca Santana Francisca studies social ecological systems of coastal regions, with a focus on current and historical trends in conservation, governance and resource use in the Gulf of Mexico.
Profile Image for Bianca Santos Bianca Santos
Profile Image for William Scott William Scott
Profile Image for Samantha Sekar Samantha Sekar Samy researches how to estimate public opinion at state and local levels, so that public opinion data is more relevant for policymakers. She also studies how people form their attitudes toward climate change and how those attitudes shape behavior.
Override profile image for Meghan Marjorie Shea Meghan Marjorie Shea
Profile Image for Allison Sherris Allison Sherris
Profile Image for Lin Shi Lin Shi Lin studies approaches to evaluating, communicating, and mitigating the life cycle environmental impacts of Information and Communication Technologies products, focusing on supply chains. Y2E2 226
(815) 508-4904
Profile Image for Ranjitha Shivaram Ranjitha Shivaram
Kirat Singh
Override profile image for Gemma Smith Gemma Smith
Profile Image for Briana Swette Briana Swette Briana studies rural land use change and governance, using methods from geography, ecology, and the social sciences. She is currently investigating how public lands livestock grazing is changing in Idaho's High Divide landscape, and the consequences for communities and ecosystems.
Profile Image for Shannon Swanson Shannon Swanson Shannon studies artisanal fishing communities in small island nations in South East Asia and Oceania and how they are affected by tourism, marine protected areas, conflict, social learning networks, and governance structures. She is also interested in developing new qualitative methods of research using film and photography.
Profile Image for Jose Urteaga Augier Jose Urteaga Augier José Urteaga is a Ph.D. Candidate at the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources. His research focuses on non-coercive approaches to conservation. Jose is also interested in the design and evaluation of behavioral change intervention at the individual and institutional levels.
Profile Image for Philip Womble Philip Womble Philip studies legal and water supply planning strategies that use water markets to help communities and ecosystems adapt to drought and climate change.
Override profile image for Leehi Yona Leehi Yona Leehi studies greenhouse gas inventories and how countries use (or misuse) scientific knowledge in developing national carbon inventories and climate policies. She is particularly interested in the global carbon cycle, and how ecosystem and forest carbon is understood by policymakers.