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Course Tracks

There are nine Course Tracks that provide students the opportunity to focus his/her/their Joint MS coursework. Course Tracks are organized around one broad topic and aggregate relevant courses from various departments on campus. Because of the inherently interdisciplinary nature of these topics, courses may be represented in more than one Course Track. Select courses are relevant to all nine tracks - these cross-cutting courses may be used for any Course Track. 

Although some courses are not offered every year, they are still included in the track. If a new course is identified that has graduate-level rigor and content relevant to a course track, students should submit a Petition for an Exception to request the course be added to the approved Course Track list.

Click each course track below to explore courses in that track. 

solar panels


clean technology, clean energy systems  


Climate & Atmosphere

atmospheric science, climate change science, and air quality

wind energy


Science and technology underlying traditional and alternative energy generation and utilization.

body of water


science and management of freshwater resources

smoggy sky

Global, Community, and Environmental Health

range of topics on the impacts of the environment on human health


Land Use and Agriculture

ecology, conservation, and the science behind land use and agriculture development and decision-making

coastal ocean

Oceans and Estuaries

marine and coastal sciences


Sustainable Built Environment

technology of healthy and sustainable buildings, communities, and cities

green wall

Sustainable Design

sustainable product and process design that drives and responds to human behavior and need