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Educational Resources

Environmental Curricula from the Woods Institute for the Environment

Providing educators with resources to increase the number of environmental topics being taught in the classroom, based on current environmental research at Stanford. The curricula were developed in collaboration between the Woods Institute for the Environment and the Stanford University School of Education. The project was started as a way to connect classroom teachers with environmental research at Stanford. See Curricula.

  • 'Climate Change' unit based on the research of Steve Schneider and Mike Mastrandrea
  • 'Contaminated Sediments' unit based on the research of Professor Richard Luthy
  • 'Hawaiian Ecosystems in Flux' unit based on the research of Professor Peter Vitousek

Resource Kits

For 4-6th grade classrooms, we have developed and lend out teaching kits on oceanography and plate tectonics. These kits were field tested in classes at the Almond School in Los Altos. Working with the science resource teacher there, we aligned the kits to the state standards and local curriculum in Los Altos School District.

List of kits:

  • Plate Tectonics
  • Stratigraphy and Faulting
  • Volcanoes and Viscosity
  • and more!

Contact Jennifer Saltzman for more information.

Public Lectures

To learn more about the research and issues in Earth Sciences, we offer a public lecture series. You can view the video and the slide presentations from this series and use these resources to enhance your teaching.

1906 Earthquake Walking Tour of Stanford Campus

We have designed a self-guided walking tour for students to learn about the basics of earthquakes and how both the 1906 and 1989 earthquakes impacted the University buildings. The walking tour includes some interactive activities as well as quotes from community members after the earthquakes and many photographs. This tour was designed for third grade students and could easily be used with older students. Please contact us if you have questions about leading the walking tour on your own.

Understanding the Earth System

Here are a few links to get you started on your quest to understand Earth's complex systems.

For more information about the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences Outreach Education, please contact Jennifer Saltzman.