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Departments & Programs


Surface Processes, Hydrology, and Geomorphology

Researchers of surface processes seek to understand and characterize the physical and chemical development of Earth's surface and near-surface, and the coupling between geologic, hydrologic, erosional, land-use, and atmospheric processes and responses.



Topics of Study

Coupling between tectonic deformation, erosional processes, and climate
Profile: George Hilley (GES)

Fundamental controls on chemical weathering rates and their roles in the short- and long-term carbon cycles
Profile: Kate Maher (GES)

Reactive transport modeling of isotopic and geochemical transformations during water-rock interaction
Profile: Kate Maher (GES)

Physics-based characterizations of surface/near-surface hydrologic response and regional-scale groundwater vulnerability assessment
Profile: Keith Loague (GES)

Relating chemical weathering and erosional processes to nutrient supply in forest ecosystems
Profile: George Hilley (GES) and Page Chamberlain  (EESS), joint with Peter Vitousek in the Department of Biology

Determining the relationships between long-term climate change and the surface uplift of mountain belts
Profile: Page Chamberlain  (EESS)