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Environmental Geology and Geochemistry

Multidisciplinary approaches are used to study the interactions between humans and their environments, including the biosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and the atmosphere. Research topics include contaminant transport, management of geologic and hydrologic resources, assessment of the risk of exposure to potential hazards and the potential for mitigative actions.

Topics of Study

The importance of solid/water interface reactions in modern technology and environmental chemistry
Profile: Gordon Brown (GES)

Characterization and geomechanical modeling of ground subsidence over coalbed fires
Profile: David Pollard (GES)

Climatic control of continental erosion via climate induced vegetation shift
Profile: Kate Maher (GES)

Effects of syn-pandemic fire suppression and reforestation in the Americas on atmospheric CO2 during European Conquest
Profile: Dennis Bird (GES)

The impacts of hysteresis on variably-saturated hydrologic response and slope failure
Profile: Keith Loague (GES)

Dynamic coupling of volcanic CO2 flow and wind at the Horseshoe Lake tree kill
Profile: George Hilley (GES)