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Departments & Programs


Industrial Affiliate Programs

Stanford encourages the close collaboration with companies and
welcomes industry to participate in our research. Geological &
Environmental Sciences has several Affiliate Programs which are set up
to facilitate knowledge and technology transfer between industry and

Basin and Petroleum System Modeling Group

Director: Stephan A. Graham
Annual membership: $40,000
Research focus: The Basin and Petroleum Systems
Modeling program seeks to be a recognized center of excellence for
training and research in visualization and quantification of the
geohistory of basins and petroleum systems by (1) training the next generation of petroleum systems modelers, (2)
devising quantitative tools that, in combination with assessment
methodology, can be used to rigorously evaluate geologic risk in various
petroleum exploration settings, and (3) conducting basic and applied energy focused research.

Stanford Project on Deep-water Depositional Systems

Director: Stephan A. Graham and Donald R. Lowe
Annual membership: $20,000
Research focus: Study of deep-sea sedimentary
deposits (the last, major untapped reservoir of fluid hydrocarbons on
our planet) and the geologic processes which produce them.

Stanford Rock Fracture Project

Director: Atilla Aydin and David Pollard
Annual membership: $30,000
Research focus: Faulting and fracturing of rock problems relevant to oil and gas reservoir charaterization the flow of underground fluids.