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Naomi Matthews

Title:USGS Visiting Scholar
Primary Affiliation:Department of Geological & Environmental Sciences
Office Location:Green
Research Group:USGS Volcano Science Center
Research Lab:SUMAC


My research aims to unravel the mechanisms and dynamics of large caldera-forming eruptions, and the timings associated with the underlying magma chamber processes.  I am particularly interested in quantifying timescales of eruption-triggering events by using diffusion modelling techniques.  My research to date has focused on caldera systems of the Taupo Volcanic Zone (New Zealand), the Younger Toba Tuff super-eruption (Sumatra), Inyo Domes of Long Valley Caldera (California), and the Lava Creek Tuff super-eruption (Yellowstone).  

Professional Activities

Member, American Geophysical Union; Member, Geological Society of America; Fellow, Geological Society of London; Member, Geoscience Society of New Zealand


  • 2011 | D.Phil Earth Sciences, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  • 2006 | B.Sc Honours Geological Sciences, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Honors & Awards

  • 2011 | Royal Commision for the Exhibition of 1851 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Science
  • 2006 | Woolf Fisher Scholarship for D.Phil study at University of Oxford
  • 2006 | Sir Julius Von Haast Prize, Geological Sciences, University of Canterbury
  • 2005 | University of Canterbury Alumni Association Scholarship
  • 2005 | Sir George Grey Scholarship  


  • Matthews, N.E., Wilson, C.J.N., Charlier, B.L.A., Pyle,
    D.M., Wooden, J. Timescales and processes in large-scale silicic magma generation (Whakamaru, New Zealand) investigated through zircon age, trace-element and oxygen-isotopic data. In prep.
  • Cole, J.W., Deering, C.D., Burt, R.M., Sewell, S., Shane, P.R., Matthews, N.E. High level magma systems beneath Okaitaina
    Volcanic Centre, Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand.  Submitted to Lithos 28th August 2012.
  • Matthews, N.E., Huber, C., Pyle, D.M., Smith, V.C. 2012. Timescales of
    magma recharge and reactivation of large silicic systems from Ti diffusion in
    Quartz.  Journal of Petrology, 53(7): 1385-1416, doi:10.1093/petrology/egs020.
  • Matthews, N.E.,
    Pyle, D.M., Smith, V.C., Huber, C.; Wilson, C.J.N., v. Van Hinsberg. 2012. Quartz
    zoning and the pre-eruptive thermal evolution of the Whakamaru magma systems,
    New Zealand. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 163: 87-107.
  • Matthews, N.E., Smith, V.C., Costa, A,
    Durant, A.J., Pyle, D.M., Pearce, N.J.G., 2012. Ultra-distal tephra deposits
    from super-eruptions: Examples from Toba, Indonesia and Taupo Volcanic Zone,
    New Zealand. Quaternary International, 258: 54-79, doi:10.1016/j.quaint.2011.07.010.
  • Smith, V.C.,
    Pearce, N.J.G., Matthews, N.E.,
    Westgate, J.A., Petraglia, M.D., Haslam, M., Lane, C.S., Korisettar, R., &
    Pal, J.N. 2011. Geochemical fingerprinting the widespread Toba tephra using
    Biotite compositions. Quaternary International, 246: 97-104, doi:
  • Watt, S.F.L., Pyle, D.M., Mather, T.A.,
    Martin, R.S., Matthews, N.E. 2009. Fallout and distribution of volcanic
    ash over Argentina following the May 2008 explosive eruption of Chaitén, Chile,
    Journal of Geophysical Research, 114,
    B04207, doi:10.1029/2008JB006219.
  • Martin, R.S., Watt, S.F.L., Pyle, D.M.,
    Mather, T.A., Matthews, N.E., Georg, R.B., Day, J.A., Fairheard, T.,
    Witt, M.L.I., Quayle, B.M. 2009.  Environmental effects of ashfall in
    Argentina from the 2008 Chaitén volcanic eruption.  Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 184 (3-4): 462-472.  

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