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Megan D'Errico

Title:Ph.D. Graduate Student, Department of Geological & Environmental Sciences
Primary Affiliation:Department of Geological & Environmental Sciences
Other Affiliations:GES, American Geophysical Union, The Geological Society of America, Women in Earth Sciences, Sigma Gamma Epsilon Earth Science Society, Mineralogical Society of America, Keck Geology Consortium Alumnus
Office Location:Green 237
Research Group:Mantle Processes Group
Alternative Website:


Research Assistant: ICPMS/Clean Lab 

Stanford University


Responsibilities include the maintenance of clean lab equipment, acid distillation and establishment of a protocol for assessing laboratory lead blanks. As an independent project, I plan to set up and document a routine procedure for the chemical separation of Pb from whole rock powders, including establishing an internal laboratory reference standard.

Ablation – Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry

(193 nm Excimer Laser System (CompEx 102, LambdaPhysiks)

Géosciences Montpellier: University Montpellier 2,

Spring and Fall 2012


rock digestion and analysis by Thermal Ion Mass Spectrometry

Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution of Washington

Summer 2012


Undergraduate Research  

Keck Geology Consortium

June 2010
April 2011 

Studied pluton-wall rock interactions and skarn development in Mineral King area in the Sierra Nevada, CA.

Presented research at Keck 24th Annual Symposium at Union College, Schnectady, N.Y., April 2011
Conducted research at Pomona University, Stanford University, University
of Texas at Austin and California State University at Bakersfield.
Analyses included: XRF, SHRIMP U-Pb dating, oxygen isotope laser
fluorination and SIMS (later at WISCmadison stable isotope lab)


Student Field Assistant and Undergraduate Researcher  

Trinity University

August 2009
April 2010  

Collected samples at Black Gap Wildlife Management Area in West Texas
Conducted paleomagnetic research at Pomona using a demagnetizer and measured AMS at Scripps Institute of Oceanography


Teaching Assistant

Ultramafics of California and Oregon: GES190

Stanford University

August 2012


Lab Teaching Assistant

Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY)

Stanford University

June 2012


 Geosciences Department Grader and Teaching Assistant

   Trinity University

January 2009
May 2011 

Responsibilities included proctoring exams, grading lab papers
and tests for Introductory Environmental and upper division Earth
Materials courses. I also serving as student leader and driver on class
field trips.

Professional Activities

American Geophysical Union – Annual
Meeting: San Francisco, CA

December 2012 

Poster Title: Long-term
cycling of mantle Pb: A trace element study of the major mantle mineral phases
in abyssal peridotites


Geological Society of America National
Conference: Charlotte, NC

November 2012 

Poster Title: Evolution of a
Shallow Hydrothermal System in the Sierra Nevada Batholith: Records from a
Zoned, Low-δ18O Skarn in the Mineral King


Keck Geology Consortium Undergraduate Research 24th Annual
Symposium: Schenectady, NY

April 2011 

Short Contribution and Poster:
Pluton-wall rock Interaction of Empire Quartz Diorite, Southern Sierra Nevada:
Implications for Skarn Formation in the Mineral King Pendant


Council for Undergraduate Research – Posters on the Hill: Washington, DC
April 2010 

Poster Title: Flow
characteristics and geochemistry of basaltic lavas in the Black Gap area, west
Texas: implications for CO2 sequestration in flood basalt formations


American Geophysical Union – Annual
Meeting: San Francisco, CA

December 2010 

Poster Title: SHRIMP
Ti-in-zircon thermometry of the Empire quartz diorite, southern Sierra Nevada:
 implications for skarn formation in the Mineral King pendant


Geological Society of America National
Conference: Portland, OR

October 2009 

Poster Title: Emplacement
Mechanisms and Petrologic Characteristics of Basalt Flows of the Black Gap
Syncline, West Texas


    Stanford University PhD  Geological
    and Environmental Studies
      2011 – 2017 (expected) Dissertation: Advisor: Jessica Warren, Ph.D. (Department of Geological and
    Environmental Studies, Stanford)     Trinity University  Bachelor of
    , Geosciences  2007 – 2011 Undergraduate Thesis entitled "Pluton‐Wallrock Interaction of the
    Empire Quartz Diorite, Southern Sierra Nevada: Implications for Skarn Formation
    in the Empire Mountain Pendant" 
    Thesis advisor: Dr. Benjamin Surpless Activities and Societies: Sigma
    Gamma Epsilon Earth Sciences Honor Society, Geology club, National Society of
    Collegiate Scholars, Trinity Distinguished Representatives, Trinity Women's
    Basketball Team, Reformed University Fellowship, Motar Board National Honor
    Society     University of Washington  2007 – 2007 Summer School

Honors & Awards

    Awarded Trinity’s Murchison Scholarship (merit-based four year
    scholarship), Dean's List, Southwest Gem and Mineral Society
    Scholarship, Trinity University’s Information Literacy Undergraduate
    Research Award, Council for Undergraduate Research - Poster on the Hill
    participant, SCAC honor roll, Ed Roy Undergraduate Research Award, Edwin
    E. Eckert Scholarship in Geology, Mach Family Student Research
    Fellowship, South Texas Geological Society Summer Field Camp Scholarship
    and Pinkley Award, Outstanding Senior Student and Tinker Family Geosciencs Award


    Pluton‐Wallrock Interaction of the Empire
    Quartz Diorite, Southern Sierra Nevada: Implications for Skarn Formation
    in the Empire Mountain Pendant

    • Proceedings, Keck Geological Symposium, 24th, Union College, Schnectady, N.Y., in press.
    • April 15, 2011
      Authors: Megan D'Errico

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