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Funding Your Research

There are generally three possibilities for acquiring funding to perform research. These are:

  • grants from Stanford's Undergraduate Research Programs
  • grants through the GES Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
  • funding directly from your research advisor

You should discuss funding early on in the process with your research advisor. We can look at each of these in a little bit more detail.

Undergradate Research Programs (URP)

Stanford's URP offers several types of grants for undergraduate research. The amount of support ranges from $500 to $5000, deadlines occur throughout the year. The URP offers abundant helpful advice about writing grant proposals at their website.

PDF of deadlines and qualifications for URP grants

GES Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Every year since 2002, the department has received funds from the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (VPUE) for Summer Research Fellowships. Students interested in pursuing summer research then apply directly to the GES department for these funds, which provide up to $5000 for a ten-week summer stipend. Look for a Call for Proposals towards the beginning of winter quarter.

Funding Through Your Advisor

Your advisor may have funds available for you through one of their research grants. Ask you advisor about this possibility early on--don't assume that they will have funding for you.