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What can I do with a degree in GES?

There are a variety of career options open to students who choose to major in the geological and environmental sciences. The Bachelor's degree in GES will help prepare you for any profession in which an understanding of the earth and/or a background in science is important.

A few organizations have career information sites. Check out


As for Stanford GES majors, here's what some of them have gone on to do:

Career prospects GES majors have gone to
Earth and environmental science research NASA
Los Alamos National Lab
Graduate school
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
University of Hawaii
Environmental consulting Jones and Stokes (Sacramento)
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC)
SRI International
Environmental engineering US Army Corps of Engineers
Todd Engineers
Public Policy and government Peninsula Open Space Trust
U.S. Department of Defense
Mineral exploration and recovery Teck-Cominco
Newmont Gold
Land use planning, land management, and environmental design Mid-peninsula Open Space Districts
The Nature Conservancy
Resource Systems Group
SJ Valley Air Pollution Control
Management and business administration

AT Kearney, Inc.
Broatch Management (Phoenix, AZ)

Law, including environmental law Kirkland and Ellis, LLP
Law school
Outdoor education San Mateo Outdoor Education
Monterey Bay Charter School
Petroleum exploration GeoMechanics International
Science education Foothill College
Walnut Hill School
Local public schools

If you're not sure how your interests in GES could translate to a career, please come talk to Richard Nevle, the Undergraduate Program Coordinator.