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Chair's Welcome

On behalf of the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, welcome to our new web site. It’s full of information about the enormous spectrum of educational and research resources offered by our department, as are the sites for the other closely allied departments and programs within the Stanford School of Earth Sciences. There’s a lot going on here, and I urge you to look widely through the links to descriptions of courses, research groups, projects and facilities. Of course, most important of all are our students, faculty, and staff and the rich range of interests and expertise that they represent. The Internet is a wonderful tool, but at best it’s a starting point. So, if you want to know more, and to get to know who we are and what we are really doing, please don’t hesitate to call or email any of the folks listed here. That includes me: I’m never too busy to try to answer, or at least to sensibly re-direct, questions about G&ES or about the web pages. Or, better yet, come visit Stanford and get to know our Earth Scientists in person!