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Travel & Reimbursement Procedures


  • Submit ALL original receipts (note exception under Per diem)
  • Submit a lost receipt form for charges over $75.00
  • Submit original invoice for airfare; if electronic ticket submit E-ticket receipt showing payment.
  • Submit an itemized hotel bill displaying a zero balance. If necessary, have the hotel fax it to you.
  • Submit car rental receipts (not agreements) - Insurance, Loss-of-Damage Waiver (LDW), Collision, etc. are not reimbursable, with exception of foreigner travels.
  • Car Mileage - include beginning and ending odometer readings (you get $.55/mile which is inclusive of gas).
  • Alcohol - Must be highlighted, totaled (including tax) on receipts and itemized separately in forms below.
  • Submit conference program if presenting or speaking.
  • Include announcements and/or itineraries if attending a conference or inviting a guest speaker.
  • Class lists and additional attendees are needed for course field trips.

Per Diem

No receipts are necessary for meals and/or lodging if per diem is claimed. Please consult with someone in the Geophysics office before claiming per diem. 

Expense Guidance For Business Meals

Guidance to faculty and staff related to the payment by University for business meals occuring while conductiong business on behalf of Stanford. (pdf)

Reimbursement Payments to Foreign Visitors

  • Foreign visitors must include additional documentation with reimbursement request: completed LA-6 form and copies of the visitor’s passport and visa, and a copy of the I-94 Arrival/Departure card that is stapled into the passport upon entering the US and removed upon leaving the US.
  • If the payee is a US citizen but is being reimbursed for expenses paid for a foreign visitor, such as airfare or lodging, the documents listed above must be included with the backup documents.

Steps for getting reimbursed:

  1. Gather receipts and any required forms.
  2. Fill out the: TRAVEL EXPENSE WORKSHEET - PDF File
    Use this worksheet to itemize your expenses. For non-travel expenses under $150.00 please see Stephanie Mathews for petty cash reimbursement rather than filling out this form.
    This form is required if you are traveling on the expenses of a grant or department's funds, which you are not the Principal Investigator (PI). The PI signature is required before you can be reimbursed (for Academic Accounts please see Margaret Milia or Csilla Csaplar).
  4. Check to see if you require any of the "Supplemental Forms" below.
  5. Bring all original receipts and signed forms to the appropriate person.
    Please contactMichelle Brunner for our mailing address and fax.

The current turn-around times for Stanford's central reimbursement offices are 20 working days, so please be patient.

Supplemental Forms