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Academic Resources

Graduation Requirements

Page with all forms and information on Graduation Requirements.

Undergraduate Student Milestones-Deadlines & Forms

Page with all milestones to be fulfilled by undergraduate students.

Graduate Student Milestones-Deadlines & Forms

Page with all milestones to be fulfilled by MS and PhD students.

Academic/Registrar Office Forms 

Included on this page are forms for Undergraduate & Graduate Study Programs, Enrollment and Tuition, Candidacy, Dissertations, and Oral Examinations.
·        Coterminal Procedures and Applications
·        Undergraduate Honors Program Application
·        Undergraduate Curriculum Proposal
·        Undergraduate Oral Presentation
·        Undergraduate Annual Progress Report
·        Undergraduate Research Advisor & Topic
·         MS Proposal form
·         MS Public Oral Presentation form
·         Master’s Annual Review form
·         Master’s Degree Requirement Form
·         PhD Degree Requirement Form
·         Pre Candidacy Annual Review Form
·         Teaching Assistant Certification form
·         Qualifying Oral Exam form
·         Application for Candidacy for Doctoral Degree
·         Application for Graduate Residency Credit
·         Post Candidacy PhD Annual Review Form
·         Doctoral Dissertation Reading Committee Form
·         Certification of Thesis Draft form
·         TGR form
·         Graduation Checklist
·         Petition for Non-Academic Council Doctoral Committee Members form
·         University Oral Examination form
·         Second Project Form

Stanford Bulletin, 2013-2014

For degree requirements, University requirements, and nonacademic regulations, as well as information on Stanford's schools, departments, and interdisciplinary programs.
Department Graduate Handbook (PDF)