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Departments & Programs


Industrial Affiliate Programs

Stanford encourages the close collaboration with companies and welcomes industry to participate in our research. Geophysics has several Affiliate Programs which are set up to facilitate knowledge and technology transfer between industry and academia.

Stanford Center for Induced and Triggered Seismicity

Director: Mark D. Zoback
Co-Directors: Greg Beroza and Jack Baker
Annual membership:$75,000
Research focus: to address the variety of scientific and operational issues associated with the managing the risk posed by induced and triggered earthquakes.

Stanford Earth Sciences Algorithms and Architectures Initiative - SESAAI

Co-Directors: Biondo Biondi and Hamdi Tchelepi
Annual membership: $20,000
Research focus: To evaluate modern High Performance Computing (HPC) architectures for reservoir-simulation and seismic-imaging algorithms.

Stanford Exploration Project

Co-Directors: Jon F. Claerbout and Biondo Biondi
Annual membership: $45,000
Research focus: to improve the theory and practice of constructing 3-D and 4-D images of the Earth from seismic echo soundings

Stanford Rock Physics & Borehole Geophysics Project

Director: Amos M. Nur
Co-Directors: Gary Mavko and Mark D. Zoback
Annual membership:$51,000
Research focus: To understand the physical properties of Earth materials, and how those properties evolve under in situ conditions of stress, pore fluid pressure, and temperature. Exploring properties and processes in rock as related to geophysical exploration, crustal studies, and tectonic and borehole processes.

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