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Geophysics provides the means for imaging and characterizing the variable physical properties and active processes within the uppermost portion of the Earth, i.e., those parts directly influenced by humankind. Our environmental work focuses on water resources, and carbon sequestration, using a combination of laboratory experiments, computational simulations, and fieldwork.

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GEOPHYS 180: Geophysical Inverse Problems (GEOPHYS 281)

GEOPHYS 104: The Water Course (EARTHSYS 104)

GEOPHYS 112: Exploring Geosciences with MATLAB

GEOPHYS 135: The Energy-Water Nexus (EARTHSCI 135)

GEOPHYS 140: The Earth From Space: Introduction to Remote Sensing (EE 140)

GEOPHYS 187: Introduction to SES Computing (ISESC)

GEOPHYS 201: Frontiers of Geophysical Research at Stanford: Faculty Lectures

PHYSICS 211: Continuum Mechanics

GEOPHYS 162: Laboratory Methods in Geophysics

GEOPHYS 190: Near-Surface Geophysics

GEOPHYS 240: Crosswell Seismic Profiling

GEOPHYS 257: Introduction to Computational Earth Sciences

GEOPHYS 262: Rock Physics

GEOPHYS 270: Electromagnetic Properties of Geological Materials

Please see the Registrar Office for courses to fill the GER requirement, as well as, a list of Geophysics courses.