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Degree Requirements Forms

Annual Reviews Process, Policy, and Forms

Each year the Geophysics department conducts a review of all graduate students (including first year students) in both MS and PhD programs. The review is based on the following information:

  1. Written Annual Review Report. The student must complete Section I of the Report and provide a copy to the advisor and committee members prior to the meeting of the Review Committee. Please read the following carefully and choose the correct form:
  2. A meeting of the Annual Review Committee. The student schedules a meeting of Review Committee during Spring Quarter. The topics to be discussed at this meeting include the student’s progress over the past year, plans for the next year, and recommendations from the committee. The advisor should complete Section II of the report, have the student and other committee members sign following the discussion, and return the completed report to the Student Services Director.

Candidacy Exam & Form

Students are expected to complete the department qualifying exam and apply for candidacy by the end of their second year in the Ph.D program. Upon passing the department qualifying exam, you must file an Application for Candidacy (PDF File). The candidacy period expires 5 years after being admitted into candidacy. An extension is not automatically granted if a leave of absence has been taken during this time. In the event the candidacy period needs to be extended, please submit the form to Tara Ilich.

Terminal Graduate Registration Forms

To file for TGR you must have met the following requirements:

  1. Filed your Dissertation Reading Committee Form with Tara
  2. Completed all courses on your Candidacy Form (135 units or accrued 10.5 quarters of residency) and all Departmental requirements to include the completion of 2 quarters of teaching assistantships.
  3. Your only remaining requirements are completion of your dissertation and University oral exam.
  4. The TGR form must be completed and submitted in the quarter preceding the quarter in which TGR status is anticipated.
  5. Please fill and return forms below to Tara Ilich.

  1. Dissertation Reading Committee Form (PDF file)
  2. Terminal Graduate Registration (TGR) Form (PDF file)
  3. Petition for Doctoral Committee Members (PDF file)

Oral Examinations & Graduation (PHD Students)

Please see Tara Ilich for Oral Examination & Graduation instructions.