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Financial Aid


Prospective undergraduate students should visit Stanford's Financial Aid Office for information on the aid application process.


Research and teaching assistantships for all graduate programs are
available to qualified U.S. and international applicants. Academic merit
and availability of funds are the primary considerations in the
awarding of graduate student financial support. Research assistantships
require 20 hours per week of research prescribed by the funding of
project. This work is usually relevant to the research requirements for
the degree. Assistantships include a tuition allowance for ten units of
course work per quarter. To cope with the combination of lectures,
exams, problem sets and research takes dedication and hard work,
particularly in the first couple of quarters. Single students on the
assistantships, living on campus, are able to meet all reasonable
tuition and living expenses from the stipend and tuition allowance. When
students are given an award in their first year, an effort is made to
provide the same level of support in subsequent years, assuming
satisfactory progress.

For additional information, please contact Roni Holeton, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, at (650) 721-3383 or