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SPE Paper Contest winners Obi Isebor and Hamza Aljamaan

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Student Authors Rise to Top in International Paper Contest

Mika Stepankiw, SPE Staff Writer

"The regional winners of the SPE Student Paper Contest at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate level advanced to compete at the international level all day on Monday at SPE’s Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition. Eight undergraduate, seven master’s,and nine doctoral students competed to win first place in their division.Students had 25 minutes to present their research projects and answer questions from the judges."

Congratulations to the following Energy Resources Engineering students...Job well done!

PhD Division Winner:

Obi Isebor
Obiajulu (Obi) Isebor (pictured center)
Stanford University, Western North America Region

Master's Division Winner:

Hamza Aljamaan
Hamza Aljamaan (pictured third from the left)
Stanford University, Western North America Region

Paper Contest & Obiajulu Isebor's Interview Video

Submitted on Oct 17, 2013