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ERE Spring Seminar Series-Brad Mallison

Speaker:  Brad Mallison
Staff Research Scientist
Chevron Energy Technology Company

Title:  New Finite Volume Grids and Methods for Cross-Disciplinary Reservoir Modeling

Since graduating from Stanford almost 9 years ago, my research has focused on improving Chevron’s reservoir modeling and simulation capabilities. In this seminar I will discuss new approaches for generating finite volume grids and simulating fast flow diagnostics. Both efforts rely on unstructured implementations to improve usability and applicability but incorporate established reservoir simulation methodologies. Our grids, for example, utilize general polyhedra to accommodate faults but use conventional hexahedra elsewhere. Our diagnostic tool operates directly on unstructured finite volumes but incorporates ideas from streamline-based simulation. These simple tools are improving cross-disciplinary collaboration by bringing geologic realism into flow simulations and introducing flow simulations to a larger base of scientists and engineers.

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Date and Time: 
Tuesday, May 28, 2013 - 4:15pm
McCullough 115 Stanford
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Energy Resources Engineering