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ERE Autumn Seminar Series-William Chueh

William Chueh | Stanford University

Seeing is Believing: Shining Light on Electrochemically-Active Materials

Electrochemistry plays a crucial role in virtually all energy storage and conversion technologies, such as batteries, fuel cells, and water-splitting membranes. The complexity of electrochemically-driven reactions and transformations is masked by the apparent simplicity of global reactions. While traditional current-voltage measurements have untangled some aspects of electrochemistry, much is not understood. We are employing in-situ spectroscopy and microscopy characterizations to shed light on the detailed kinetics and thermodynamics of electrochemical reactions while they take place. In this talk, I will present new insights on three important class of reactions: (1) water splitting on cerium oxide electrocatalysts, (2) oxygen reduction on ferrate-perovskite electrocatalysts, and (3) lithium insertion in lithium iron phosphate olivine battery electrodes. 

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Monday, September 30, 2013 - 12:15pm
McCullough Building, Room 115 476 Lomita Mall Stanford
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Energy Resources Engineering