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ERE Autumn Seminar Series-Banny Banerjee

Banny Banerjee | Stanford University
Associate Professor

Approaches to Scaled Transformations


Global challenges such as energy security, Climate Change, water security, and social inequity are interconnected and are marked by scale, complexity and extreme urgency.   In creating interventions to scaled challenges, there exists is a large chasm between current models of interventions and those that would yield scaled transformation of our human-natural systems towards a more desirable trajectory.   The nature of the gulf between current states and desired states require that we create new methods for system transition that are deeply trans-disciplinary and which simultaneously weave our understanding of the natural, human and infrastructural systems with a new capability in our ability to actually bring about the desired transitions.   Prof Banerjee will outline emerging approaches to scaled intervention.  He will also touch upon the way in which project based learning is being combined with funded projects to yield new classes of interventions in areas such as demand side energy management and water security in developing countries. 

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Monday, November 4, 2013 - 12:15pm
McCullough Building, Room 115 476 Lomita Mall Stanford
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Energy Resources Engineering