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Coterminal B.S. and M.S. Program

The coterminal B.S./M.S. program offers an opportunity for Stanford University students to pursue a graduate experience while completing the B.S. degree in any relevant major. Energy Resources Engineering graduate students generally come from backgrounds such as chemical, civil, or mechanical engineering; geology or other earth sciences; or physics or chemistry. Students should have a background at least through MATH 53 and CS 106AB before beginning graduate work in this program.

The two types of M.S. degrees, the course work only degree and the research degree, as well as the courses required to meet degree requirements, are described below in the M.S. section. Both degrees require 45 units and may take from one to two years to complete depending on circumstances unique to each student.

A Petroleum Engineering master’s degree can be used as a terminal degree for obtaining a professional job in the petroleum or geothermal industry, or in any related industry where analyzing flow in porous media or computer simulation skills are required. It can also be a stepping stone to a Ph.D. degree, which usually leads to a professional research job or an academic position.

Students should apply to the program any time after they have completed 120 undergraduate units, and in time to take ENERGY 120, the basic introductory course in Autumn Quarter of the year they wish to begin the program. Contact the Department of Energy Resources Engineering to obtain additional information. For University coterminal degree program rules and University application forms, see the Registrar's website.

Application Requirements

How to Apply:
Students who wish to apply to the coterm program must submit an application directly to the ERE department.

The application includes:

  • Application for Admission to Coterminal Master’s Program 
  • Three letters of recommendation from faculty members or job supervisors 
  • Statement of purpose 
  • A copy of a current Stanford transcript 
  • Official GRE Scores (official scores from ETS sent to Stanford code: 4704) and a copy of the unofficial GRE scores
  • Preliminary Program Proposal

While the department does not require any specific GPA or GRE score, potential applicants are expected to compete favorably with graduate student applicants.

The completed application including all listed requirements is due one month before the last day of classes prior to when the student wants to begin the coterm inal program.
(i.e. if applying for winter quarter, the complete application is due one month before the last day of classes autumn quarter).

For additional questions, please contact Student Services Administrator