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Chair's Welcome

Welcome to the Department of Energy Resources Engineering, one of four academic departments in Stanford University’s School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences. The Department’s research and teaching cover both traditional petroleum engineering disciplines (more specifically reservoir engineering) and additional energy-related areas such as clean energy conversions, carbon capture and storage, energy systems, geothermal engineering, and other renewable energy technologies. We believe the Department, as currently configured, is well positioned to both influence and adapt to the changing energy landscape.

The Department of Energy Resources Engineering currently has 11 full-time faculty members and about 20 other affiliated faculty and research scientists. The number of ERE students has been increasing in recent years, and with this expansion we are seeing a wider range of backgrounds, interests, and research topics. The department is now home to almost 60 Ph.D. students, over 30 M.S. students, and 14 (declared) B.S. students. We also have 12 postdoctoral researchers and, typically, a number of visiting researchers and students. M.S. and Ph.D. students can pursue degrees in either Energy Resources Engineering or Petroleum Engineering, and our current population is evenly divided between these two degree tracks. All of our B.S. students are working toward ERE degrees.

The Department enjoys a close relationship with industry, both in terms of research and recruiting, and ERE graduates are consistently in high demand. Each year, the Department admits approximately 25 new graduate students from diverse backgrounds. If you would like more information about the Department, please direct your inquiries to

Tony Kovscek
Professor and Chair
Department of Energy Resources Engineering