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Sustainable Food and Water

The earth resources that feed and shelter populations are limited, coveted and precious. The ESS department researches the best practices such that future generations may enjoy the same benefits from the earth's ecosystems that we do today.

Related Courses

EESS 220. Physical Hydrogeology
(Same as CEE 260A.) (Formerly GES 230.) Theory of underground water occurrence and flow, analysis of field data and aquifer tests, geologic groundwater environments, solution of field problems, and groundwater modeling. Introduction to groundwater contaminant transport and unsaturated flow. Lab. Prerequisite: elementary calculus. 4 units, Aut (Gorelick, S; Walker, K)

EESS 221. Contaminant Hydrogeology
(Same as CEE 260C.) (Formerly GES 231.) For earth scientists and engineers. Environmental and water resource problems involving contaminated groundwater. The processes affecting contaminant migration through porous media including interactions between dissolved substances and solid media. Conceptual and quantitative treatment of advective-dispersive transport with reacting solutes. Predictive models of contaminant behavior controlled by local equilibrium and kinetics. Modern methods of contaminant transport simulation and optimal aquifer remediation. Prerequisite: GES 230 or CEE 260A or equivalent. 4 units, Spr (Gorelick, S)

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