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Ocean & Ecosystem Response

The environment is constantly changing and these changes, natural or man made, may have severe repercussions on the health of the earth's ecosystems. The ESS department studies if and how these ecosystems adapt and evolve in response to these external pressures.

Related Courses

EESS 39N. The Carbon Cycle: Reducing Your Impact
(F,Sem) Stanford Introductory Seminar. Preference to freshmen. Changes in the long- and short-term carbon cycle and global climate through the burning of fossil fuels since the Industrial Revolution. How people can shrink their carbon footprints. Long-term sources and sinks of carbon and how they are controlled by tectonics and short-term sources and sinks and the interaction between the biosphere and ocean. How people can shrink their carbon footprints. Held at the Stanford Community Farm. GER: DB-NatSci 3 units, Spr (Chamberlain, P)

EESS 244. Marine Ecosystem Modeling
Practical background necessary to construct and implement a 2-dimensional (space and time) numerical model of a simple marine ecosystem. Computer programming, model design and parameterization, and model evaluation. Students develop and refine their own multi-component marine ecosystem model. 3 units, Spr (Arrigo, K)

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