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Sujith Ravi

Title:Post Doctoral Scholar
Primary Affiliation:Department of Environmental Earth System Science
Office Location:Y2E2, Room 349
Research Lab:Lobell Laboratory
Alternative Website:


    PhD  (Environmental  Sciences - Hydrology),  University  of  Virginia,  Charlottesville,  USA.   

    M.S  (Environmental  Sciences),  University  of  Virginia,  Charlottesville,  USA.  2005

    B.S  (Agriculture),  Kerala  Agricultural  University,  India. 2002       


  • 1) Sankey,  J  and
    S.  Ravi (2012),  Quantifying 
    soil  change  in 
    degraded  landscapes:  shrub encroachment and effects of fire and
    vegetation removal in desert grasslands, Journal
    of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences
    , DOI: 10:1029/2012JG002002.
  • 2) Ravi, S., P. D’Odorico, A. S.
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    , doi: 10.1029/2010RG000328. [Featured in the cover & most
    popular paper of the year (2011) in Reviews of Geophysics]
  • 3) Ravi, S., M. Baddock, and T. M.
    Zobeck (2012) Field evidence for differences in post fire sediment transport
    related to vegetation type in semi arid grasslands, Aeolian Research.
  • 4)Turnbull,  L., 
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    and  feedbacks  on 
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  • 5)Wilcox  B.  P.,
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  • 6) Baddock, M., T. M. Zobeck, S, Ravi,
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    shrublands: Field test of the fire soil hydrophobicity erosion linkage, Journal
    of Arid Environments, (accepted).
  • 7) Ravi, S., D. D. Breshears, T. E.
    Huxman and P. D’Odorico (2010), Land degradation in drylands: Interactions
    among hydrologic   aeolian processes and
    vegetation dynamics. Geomorphology, 116: 236 245.  [Top 25 hottest articles in 2010 in
  • 8) Field J. P., J. Belnap, D. D.
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    Environment, 8: 423 430. [Featured in the cover]
  • 9) Ravi,  S. 
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    and  P.  D’Odorico 
    (2010),  Interactions  between aeolian processes and  fires: Implications for  rangeland 
    management.  Rangeland  Ecology and Management, (Invited synthesis),
    63:267 274. [Featured in the cover]
  • 10) Ravi, S., P. DʹOdorico, L. Wang, C.
    White, G.S. Okin and S. L. Collins (2009), Post fire resource redistribution  in 
    desert  grasslands:  A 
    possible  negative  feedback 
    on  land degradation. Ecosystems,
    12(3): 434   444.
  • 11) Ravi, S., P. DʹOdorico, S. L.
    Collins and T. E. Huxman (2009), Can biological invasions induce
    desertification? New Phytologist, 181(3): 508  
    511.  [In Faculty of 1000 in
  • 12) Ravi, S.  and P. 
    DʹOdorico  (2009),  Post fire 
    resource  redistribution  and 
    fertility  island dynamics: A
    Modeling approach. Landscape Ecology, 24(3): 325   335.
  • 13) Ravi,  S. 
    and  T.  E. 
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    degradation  in  the Thar 
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  • 14) Ravi, S., P. D’Odorico, T.M. Zobeck
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    wind  erosion  in 
    a  semi arid  grassland: 
    Experimental  observations and
    theoretical framework. Geomorphology, 105 (1): 80   86.
  • 15) Ravi, S., P. D’Odorico, L. Wang and
    S. L. Collins (2008), Form and function of grass ring patterns in arid
    grasslands: the role of abiotic controls. Oecologia, 158: 545   555.
  • 16) Hui,  J.W.C., 
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    in West African Sahel. Water Resources Research, 44: W05202.
  • 17)Ravi,  S., 
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    and  wind  erosion 
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  • 18) Ravi,  S., 
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    in arid landscapes. Geophysical Research Letters, 34: L24S23.
  • 19) Ravi, S., P. D’Odorico, B. Herbert,
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    by  fire induced  water 
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    W11422. [AGU Editorʹs Choice: Surface Processes]
  • 20) Ravi, S., T.M. Zobeck, T.M. Over,
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    forces  on  the 
    threshold  friction  velocity 
    for  wind  erosion. 
    Sedimentology,53(3): 597  609.
  • 21) Ravi,  S., 
    and  P.  D’Odorico 
    (2005)  A  field analysis  of 
    the  dependence  of 
    wind  erosion threshold velocity
    on air humidity. Geophysical Research Letters, 32: L21404.
  • 22) Ravi, S., P. D’Odorico, T.M. Over
    and T.M. Zobeck (2004), On the effect of air humidity on  soil 
    susceptibility  to  wind 
    erosion:  The  case 
    of  air dry  soils. 
    Geophysical  Research Letters, 31:
    L09501. [AGU Editorʹs Choice: Surface Processes]
  • Book chapters/Technical reports
  • 23) Washington Allen,  R. 
    and  S.  Ravi, 
    (2011),  Dryland  Analysis 
    &  Monitoring  in Encyclopedia  of 
    Life  Support  Systems (Ed. 
    Squires,  V.  R), 
    UNESCO EOLSS  Publishers, Oxford,
  • 24) Turnbull,  L. Ravi, 
    S.,  and  Wainwright, 
    J. Case  studies  in Patterns 
    of  land  degradation 
    in drylands: understanding self organized geomorphic systems, Springer.
  • 25)Ravi,  S., 
    (2008),  Feedbacks  between 
    Fires  and  Soil 
    Erosion  Processes  at 
    the  Desert  Margins, PhD 
    Dissertation,  University  of 
    Virginia,  Charlottesville,  USA.
  • 26) Ravi, S., (2005), The Effect of Air
    Humidity on Soil Susceptibility to Wind Erosion, MS thesis, University of
    Virginia, Charlottesville, USA.
  • 27)National  Research 
    Council  (NRC)  Report 
    (2008):  A  Frontier 
    in  Earth  Surface 
    Processes: Dynamic 
    Interactions  of  Life 
    and  its  Landscapes (contributing  author 
    from  Meeting  of Young Researchers in Earth Sciences MYRES
  • 28) Reinhardt  L 
    et  al.  (78 
    contributing  authors)  (2010), 
    State  of  Science, 
    Dynamics interactions of life and its landscapes: feedbacks at the
    interface of geomorphology and ecology. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms,
    35:78 101.
  • 29) Ravi, S, J. Li. and T. M. Zobeck
    (2012) Aeolian Processes: Biophysical Drivers and Biogeochemical Implications,
    (Editorial), Aeolian Research.  

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