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Affiliated Profiles

Gregory Asner, Professor (by Courtesy), EESS; Carnegie Institution, Global Ecology

My research centers on how human activities alter the composition and functioning of ecosystems at regional scales. I combine field work, airborne and satellite mapping, and computer simulation modeling to understand the response of ecosystems to land use and climate change.

Ken Caldeira, Professor (by Courtesy), Environmental Earth System Science

My research strives to improve the science base needed to allow human civilization to develop while protecting our environmental endowment. My group investigates ocean acidification, energy and emissions, climate intervention, modern climate and carbon cycle changes, and climate, carbon, and geochemistry in earth history.

Anna Michalak, Associate Professor (by Courtesy), EESS; Carnegie Institution, Global Ecology

Our research interests focus on characterizing complexity and quantifying uncertainty in environmental systems with the goal of improving our understanding of these systems and our ability to forecast their variability. Our current research interests focus on atmospheric greenhouse gas emission and sequestration estimation, water quality monitoring and contaminant source identification, and use of remote sensing data for earth system characterization.

Peter Vitousek, Clifford G. Morrison Professor in Population and Resource Studies, Biology

I carry out research related to nutrient cycling, most notably nitrogen and phosphorus, in a range of environments and ecosystems, with a particular focus on the Hawaiian Islands. My group has looked at nutrient dynamics in the soil profile, litter, native forest ecosystems, forest, and grassland systems affected by invasive species and agricultural systems.