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Corn, beans and other crops migrate north with warmer temperatures
Submitted on November 19, 2013

Stanford professor David Lobell, a colleague from Columbia University, and farmers from Kansas and North Dakota examine the northward movement of U.S. crop production, an impact of climate change.

Introducing Earth Matters
Submitted on November 15, 2013

Our new e-newsletter features discoveries and developments from the School of Earth Sciences. Enjoy the inaugural Earth Matters and subscribe to receive issues three times a year.

A Jolt to Complacency on Food Supply
Submitted on November 11, 2013

David Lobell is using elaborate statistical techniques to reveal a detailed picture of the effects of heat on crop yields. His work suggests that rising heat stress in some major growing areas is already putting a drag on production — and raises the possibility of much more serious effects as global warming continues.

Paula Welander bridges microbiology and geology
Submitted on October 16, 2013

Interdisciplinary scientist studies geologically relevant lipids called hopanoids that are produced by bacteria.

Innovative, cross-school geobiology program expands, welcomes two new professors
Submitted on October 16, 2013

A relatively new, hybrid academic discipline, geobiology is a concentrated effort a to understand the co-evolution of Earth, life and the interaction of different life forms with Earth materials & the addition of Kevin Boyce and Paula Welander strengthens Stanford’s presence in the field.

Lake Tahoe: Can We Save It?
Submitted on October 14, 2013

“All of the factors that happened in 2011 are the types of factors that we expect to see more commonly in the future,” said Anna Michalak, a Great Lakes researcher at Stanford University.

David Lobell named MacArthur Fellow
Submitted on September 27, 2013

Selected for research on the impact of climate change on crop production and food security

2013 MacArthur Fellow: David Lobell wins MacArthur 'genius' award
Submitted on September 25, 2013

Professor David Lobell was honored with a MacArthur Fellowship for research on the impact of climate change on crop production and food security. He is one of two Earth Sciences professors to receive this $625,000 fellowship.

North to Alaska: "Sophomore College"
Submitted on September 25, 2013

EESS graduate students and faculty are wrapping up a three-week "Sophomore College" class that examined the interaction between people and precious environment in and around Sitka, Alaska, led by Professor Rob Dunbar.

Global warming to drive increase in severe thunderstorm risk in U.S., Stanford research finds
Submitted on September 24, 2013

New physics-based climate models led by Noah Diffenbaugh indicate that global warming is likely to cause a robust increase in the conditions that produce these types of storms across much of the country over the next century.